Wild Weekend in West Virginia

What a great, but cold weekend!

1604900_10205052350014924_1921911552976196630_nThe reason that there hasn’t been a recent post in a few days is because my husband, Jeff, some friends of ours, and myself have been up in the mountains of West Virginia white water rafting, camping, and hiking.  It’s always so nice to experience a change of scenery and to be able to get outdoors and truly appreciate nature.  It’s also helpful to know that not all forms of exercise need to be done in a gym, using weights or machines.  You can learn to use whatever is around at the time, which is exactly what I did this past weekend.


Every year, including this one, we set up our camp down in the New River Gorge and go without running water or electricity for 3 days.  My exercises, for the weekend, came in the form of paddling the raft, hiking, lifting rocks, attempting to chop wood, and of course doing my squats and lunges; which I do daily.


So, just remember that nature is as good of a place as any to get in a great workout!



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