Truly An Inspiration!


Some people are truly an inspiration, and that’s my good friend, Lysa.  I’ve known Lysa for about 8 years now, and throughout the time I’ve known her she’s been put to the test more than anyone else in my life.  And even though she’s gone through a lot both physically and emotionally, she’s always managed to remain strong and has kept her positive and upbeat attitude.

I can remember this one time, when I was sitting in my classroom, full of 6th graders, and in bursts Lysa, through my door, and says in her excited tone, “it’s just a broken rib!”  We both jumped up and down and hugged each other and then she left.  My students continued to stare at me blankly before someone finally said, “Mrs. King, why are you two so happy that she broke her rib?”  What they didn’t know at the time was that Lysa was a two time breast cancer survivor and the doctors thought it might have returned for yet a third time.  That’s why we were both so happy when she found out it was just a broken rib.

I’ve currently been helping Lysa through one on one personal training sessions for about the last 3-4 months.  Before we began training, Lysa had a bad back and would go see a chiropractor once a week.  Since she’s been training, Lysa is now down to once a month visits.  Not only is her back strength increasing, but so is her balance, endurance, muscle strength, and overall fitness level.  Here’s what Lysa has to say:

“No one ever said it would be easy to get in shape, especially in your fifties.  But the last three or so months have proved for this 57 year old, it’s certainly possible.

As a recently retired teacher, with way too much time on my hands, it was fun to lounge around the house basking in my new found freedom, while overeating and catching up on the daily talk shows.  Before I knew it, I had packed on the pounds and had become complacent about exercise.  As my weight increased, my self esteem decreased.  I felt blah!

And then a long-ago friend and sorority sister from my college days contacted me about joining her on a 50 mile charity hike benefiting Project Athena.  I had always been a daily walker, but the two day hike along the coast of San Diego sounded daunting, with or without my out of shape physique.

Nevertheless, I took the challenge.  The hike would give me the opportunity to raise money in support of the women of Project Athena, while forcing me to take control of my health again.

I was determined to complete the hike, but how?  I needed help.  I needed someone, a miracle worker, to not only whip my body back into shape, but push me towards a feat I never dreamed of accomplishing.

And that miracle worker is Jamie King.

I’ve been exercising with Jamie twice a week  for the past three or so months, and things are looking up….or going down, if you read my scale.  Jamie designed an exercise program for my personal needs based on an assessment at or initial meeting.  The program incorporates strength training with cardio and balance, which is particularly important for post menopausal women.  Because the program is designed just for my needs, I’ve been able to accomplish the goals that Jamie set for me.  She pushes me to my limits, while understanding my restrictions as well.  She has a unique ability to make me feel as though I can conquer any exercise she places before me.  Because of my time with Jamie, I have improved not only my body mass index, but my strength and muscle tone as well.  Because Jamie is knowledgeable about diet and proper nutrition, she has been able to help me with my weight loss too.  I feel like a new person.

I‘ve worked with other trainers in the past and dreaded my sessions.  I often felt I was just one of their clients, and that I was working through the same exercise routine as everyone else.  With Jamie, it’s not that way.  She is friendly and makes each session fun and worthwhile all with my best interest in mind.  My self esteem has improved, and I feel up to the challenge of training for my hike.  With Jamie’s help, it’s, “Look out San Diego; I’m headed your way in May!”

I’m so proud of all that Lysa has accomplished in just a matter of months.  Not only does she come to the gym and work incredibly hard, but she looks great!  I love being able to help people in any way that I can, so if you want to learn more about Lysa, the 50 mile hike she’s doing, or if you feel like making a small donation to Project Athena, please visit her page.  (Project Athena).  I’ll make sure to keep you posted on how Lysa does, once she returns in May.

Also, if you’re interested in coming in for your own training sessions and increasing your overall health, please feel free to contact me.  I have a lot of time spots available and I’d love to help you achieve your goals!

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