Reaching for Your Goals!

I’ve been doing a lot of debating lately about my workouts. I know that they can’t be as intense as they once were, at least until later this year, but I’ve never been one to just roll over and quit all together.

So here’s what I’ve been debating…..Up until a day before Christmas I had been training for the Disney Princess half marathon in February. I was up to running 8 miles, with an average pace of 8:45, but by the end of my runs I was so tired due to having a lack of energy. I definitely want to make sure I’m doing what’s right and best for my baby, which is why I decided to back out and not run.

It’s amazing the excuses we can come up with, isn’t it? I’ve done a lot of online research and have read many blogs about pregnant women who continued to run up until their delivery. So what’s my excuse? Honestly, I’m so far from being out of shape, that unless my doctor tells me otherwise, I have no reason not to run, especially if I slow down my pace. In fact, I could most likely walk the whole race and still be fine. I just have to be able to keep a 16 minute mile and let’s be honest….I REALLY want the medal. imagePlus my little sister just mailed me the cutest tank top top to wear. In addition to all this, and probably the most important reason that I decided to run again, is because I know just how disappointed in myself I’d be if I didn’t.

So here’s my lesson for today: Your body is capable of anything……it’s your mind that you have to convince. Never give up!

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