Great Time to Start Working Out!

I’ve officially begun working at Xtreme Fitness, in Cornelius, NC, and am very excited to be there!  Not only is it a great looking and clean facility, but it also has every piece of equipment, that one would need, in order to get into shape.

With the holidays right around the corner too, there’s no better time to begin transforming your body and developing those good habits that you hear all about.  Far too often, especially around this time of year, I listen to people talking about all the “holiday” weight they gain.  Know right now, that you don’t have to be one of those people.  I completely understand that “holiday” food is delicious, I’ve been there myself, but bare in mind you don’t need to overindulge.  What this means is that some is better than none, and definitely better than too much.  Learning how to eat in moderation is just another part of choosing to live an active and healthy lifestyle and there are many people out there that can help guide you in this area.  All this is why it’s important to jump start your success.  Many people wait to the beginning of the new year before deciding that they want to become healthy; but really it’s right now that you want to get started.  Fitness needs to become a part of your daily routine in order for it to be successful!

If you’re interested in working out, but might be hesitant about going to a gym, please still feel free to contact me.  I’m willing, and look forward to helping you out as best as I can.

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