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A while back I posted about my client and good friend Lysa.  Lysa is such an inspiration to everyone she meets.  At the time, I informed you that she’d soon be completing a 50 mile hike in San Diego, that was organized by the Project Athena Foundation.  Project Athena was established to encourage women who’ve overcome medical setbacks to complete the journey of a lifetime and to prove to others, and themselves, just how strong of a person they can be!

Well, it’s now officially the end of May and I couldn’t be prouder to report that Lysa rocked her 50 mile hike!  After 2 days, and many hours, Lysa, along with many others, celebrated their huge accomplishment on the shoreline in San Diego.

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Lysa came back from her “trip” with many stories and even said that she felt good throughout the entire hike.  Originally, she may have been a little nervous about it, 50 miles is a long way to hike in just 2 days, but I knew she was prepared.

Here are some more pictures from Lysa’s hike:

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Lysa is already thinking about her next hike through the Project Athena Foundation, and is strongly considering tackling the Grand Canyon.  Like I said before, she’s truly an inspiration.

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So, if you know of any strong willed women, like Lysa, who have overcome any kind of medical setbacks, I would encourage them to look into Project Athena.  Not only is it a great way to stay healthy but it’s also a wonderful way to meet other amazing men and women.


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Once again, I know this post is coming a little late, and I’m truly sorry, but with the holiday weekend and family being in town, time once again sadly got away from me.  This is our last week though!  We finally made it!  You should be proud of yourself for keeping at it!

Monday, May 25th

  • 250 squats
  • Rest day

Tuesday, May 26th

  • 260 squats
  • 25 push-ups
  • 28 hydrants, each leg
  • 28 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 28 lateral lunges, each leg

Wednesday, May 27th

  • 270 squats
  • 25 push-ups
  • 28 hydrants, each leg
  • 28 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 28 lateral lunges, each leg

Thursday, May 28th

  • 280 squats
  • 27 push-ups
  • 30 hydrants, each leg
  • 30 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 30 lateral lunges, each leg

Friday, May 29th

  • 290 squats
  • 28 push-ups
  • 30 hydrants, each leg
  • 30 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 30 lateral lunges, each leg

Saturday, May 30th

  • 300 squats
  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 100 speed skater

You Made It!!!!!!  The challenge is finally over!!!!  Great Job!

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I can’t believe that I’m at 32 weeks now, and I’m loving that there’s an end in sight!  You see, I’m kind of a planner and also what you might call a little bit of a “control freak”.  With that being said, it’s really bothering me that I don’t know exactly when I’ll need to go to the hospital, but have a couple of things planned out depending on what day it is.

Update Time:

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How Far Along: 32 weeks!!!!

Feelings:  Every day that passes I’m becoming more and more excited to meet our little boy!  Is it 49 weeks yet?  He definitely has his days too, where he kicks more than others, and honestly, it’s such a strange but wonderful feeling. Even my little yorkie loves to feel her baby brother, Griffin, kick! It’s really odd though, because whenever she’s close, or resting next to me, that’s when he begins to kick the most.  It’s kind of like he knows she’s there and she’ll even sometimes move her paw to rest it on where he’s kicking.  This action is pretty much the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

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I can’t wait to see what she is like with him once he’s actually here

Missing Anything:  It’s been awhile since I’ve had a ‘missing anything’ bullet, but I’ve really been missing things lately.  Yes, I still miss the usual, my coffee, deli meat, beef jerky, etc., but what I’m really missing now goes beyond that.  I miss ME.  Let me explain…..Most people will tell you that pregnancy is this wonderful experience, and don’t get me wrong, it is, but I, personally, am not one who enjoys it.

Let me clarify that for a minute and say that I’m beyond excited to be a mother and raise a son.  I know that I’ll love him beyond words, most likely more then I’ve ever loved anything in this world, but giving up who I am for 9 months is incredibly difficult.  There’s so much that I miss.  I miss the healthy me (because let’s face it, as good as I try to be, I have to eat carbs that I know are bad for me, and I can’t take supplements I want), the me that could workout for hours on end (I can hardly last 20 minutes now), the me that use to have energy and never take naps, and the me that didn’t use to cry when I had to get dressed during the day, because nothing fits.  I also miss being able to roll over in bed without it taking a ton of energy and being painful, I miss being able to quickly shave my legs and paint my toes (it now takes much longer and I have to get creative), and I miss my clothes.  The list could go on, but I think you get the point.

Once again, I’m definitely looking forward to being a mom, and feel so blessed, but typically you only hear the positives about pregnancy, I’m just being honest.

Exercise:  Sadly, I haven’t gone to the gym to workout at all this week.  It was a little difficult because Jeff was gone again, so I had to take care of the dogs in the morning.  I did however workout at home each day, and in addition to walking, I also ran a mile.  It’s been a little while since I’ve actually run (it’s getting a little uncomfortable), and my pace may have been pretty slow, but at least I managed a whole mile.  I have to laugh a little because that seems like nothing, considering it was only about 12 weeks ago that I ran a half marathon.  It’s funny how quickly things can change.  I’ll get back to it though, so I’m not too worried.

What’s next?:  I don’t really have too much going on between this post and my 33 week post, mostly because my next doctors appointment isn’t until the following Friday, due to the Memorial Day weekend.  I do have a follow-up with my cardiologist tomorrow though, but I’m honestly not too concerned about it; mostly because they called and said that all my results came back good, and I haven’t had any more episodes lately.  Honestly, I’m not even sure what we’re going to discuss.

Jeff’s parents are coming down to visit this weekend, so that should be fun.  We’ll have to find some things to do though, which really shouldn’t be a problem because the weather’s suppose to be perfect! In addition to their visit, Jeff and I will be going to the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday, which is always a good time!  Plus I have a cake to make for a party on Wednesday.

My list of things to get done before Griffin’s arrival is coming along as well.  I’ve been able to get a lot of cleaning done this week (I’ve actually had some energy), and I even started packing Griffin’s and my hospital bag.  I just have a few more items that I want to add to to mine (some of which will be last minute things) and then it will be done.

(Here’s our bags)

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Breakdown:  Griffins bag – a few diapers, burp cloth, no scratch mittens, socks, 2 blankets, swaddle blanket, hat, onsie, 2 outfits (1 NB, 1 0-3 months, not sure which will fit)

My bag – coming home dress, pajamas/robe, socks, slippers, 2 pairs of underwear, nursing bra, old flip flops for shower.  Still have to add hair dryer/straightener, make-up, and brush (those last minute items.  Toiletry kit – toothbrush/toothpaste, mouth wash, hair spray, q-tips, Chapstick, lotion, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, colace, hair ties, headband, hand sanitizer, and a razor.

The next big thing on my to do list is find a pediatrician.  I have a few places that were recommended to me that I want to call and I plan to do that sometime next week.  It’s amazing how fast time can go.

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Time flys:  10 week difference – 22 weeks vs. 32 weeks.  I miss my flatter stomach.

Hopefully I will see some of you at the gym this week!  Enjoy your holiday weekend!


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Oh my gosh!  I’m so sorry this post is a little late, but the weekend just got away from me.  As some of you know, it was race weekend down here in Charlotte, and I had to go out to the track.  I hope that you’ve been staying motivated though, and I know the challenge is becoming more difficult each and every day, but we are almost there!  Keep up the fantastic work!

Sunday, May 17th

  • 170 squats
  • Rest Day

Monday, May 18th

  • 180 squats
  • 20 push-ups
  • 24 hydrants, each leg
  • 24 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 24 lateral lunge, each leg

Tuesday, May 19th

  • 190 squats
  • 20 push-ups
  • 24 hydrants, each leg
  • 24 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 24 lateral lunges, each leg

Wednesday, May 20th

  • 200 squats
  • 22 push-ups
  • 100 mountain climbers
  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 15 reverse lunges

Thursday, May 21st

  • 210 squats
  • Rest Day

Friday, May 22nd

  • 220 squats
  • 22 push-ups
  • 26 hydrants, each leg
  • 26 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 26 lateral lunges, each leg

Saturday, May 23rd

  • 230 squats
  • 22 push-ups
  • 26 hydrants, each leg
  • 26 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 26 lateral lunges, each leg

Keep up the great work everyone!  We are almost there!  Not too much longer now.

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I can’t believe how fast the time seems to be going again!  However, in about another 4 weeks, I’ll probably look back and laugh at myself for saying that.

Update Time:

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How Far Along: 31 weeks.  (Griffin is definitely getting bigger and stronger)

Clothing:  I ended up buying a few more maxi dresses this past week.  I seem to be obsessed with them lately.  Mostly because they are so comfortable, especially seeing that it’s been ridiculously hot outside.  I’m not complaining though, because I definitely enjoy the warm weather much more then the cold.

Health/Fitness:  I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with my workouts again this week.  I ended up going to the gym on Monday morning and also today, and then on Tuesday and Wednesday I just did my workouts at home.  I’ve also been focused on keeping up with both my cardio and weights, and even ran a mile on wednesday (which for me usually isn’t much, but at this stage in my pregnancy, I’ll take it).  Here’s what my workouts have looked like:  Monday was my leg day, Tuesday and Wednesday was mostly cardio activities, and today I focused on shoulders and arms.  In addition to this I have also been completing my May Monthly Challenge. Have you joined in?

I also had my doctors appointment this past week, and she informed me that everything was looking good, and the sporadic heart rate was nothing for me to be too concerned about, it happens.  The only thing that wasn’t great was the fact that my blood pressure keeps getting lower; it was 90/50, which for me is incredibly low (I typically average 112-116).  My doctor says this is pretty common though, and that it might actually get a little lower.  Apparently, as Griffin becomes larger in size, he’s going to continue to press my veins and other things together, which means my blood will have a smaller space to travel through, which makes complete sense.

Cravings:  I still haven’t had any truly strong cravings that you hear about pregnant women experiencing.  I’ll admit that there have been a couple of things every now and again that I want, but nothing I feel I NEED to have.  Jeff has been lucky and has not needed to make any special trips out to get anything, even though he has offered when I say that nothing at home sounds good.

I’ll admit though that I’m really enjoying watermelon and pineapple right now; but then again, I always like eating those two fruits.  My doctor however, wants me to increase my sodium intake and start eating more foods, like French Fries and chips, mostly for the extra sodium, but also to put on a little more weight.  She says that I’m on the lower end of the weight scale and tells me not to be afraid of food.  Lol.  I’m definitely not afraid of food, I just tend to make healthier food choices, except when it comes to sweets, I do have a weakness for Oreos and other things.

My List:  A couple weeks ago I posted a list of things that I still had to get done before Griffin arrived.  So far, the list is coming along nicely, and I’ve actually got quite a few things crossed off.  Some of our hospital classes have been taken, Griffins hospital bag is packed, I’ve cleaned things around the house and donated things to Goodwill (still have a little more to do), and we finally finished the nursery.  The only other major thing I have to do is pack my own hospital bag and write out my birth plan.  Once those two things are done, if Griffin decided to come early, it would be no big deal.  We could always get the rest of the list done with him being here.

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What’s next:  With the nursery being done now, our weekends will most likely consist of getting to do things with just the two of us.  We want to get out and enjoy our time together so this weekend we have plans to get dressed up and go to the All-Star NASCAR race.  It should be a good time.

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I can’t believe I ever use to complain about having a ‘stomach’, lol…  However, my doctor did tell me yesterday that I really have no added fat in my stomach (even if I think I do), it’s pretty much all just my growing uterus.  I can definitely feel it now too, because my stomach is hard to the touch, even though it may look squishy.  I just really miss my abs and can’t wait to get them back!


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I hope that all of you have been staying motivated and were easily able to knock out the first weeks challenges with no problems.  If you’ve been keeping up, the month should be smooth sailing.  However, if you’ve missed some days, it’s ok, keep plugging away at it, it just may become slightly more challenging.

So, as promised, here is Week 2 of the challenge!

Sunday, May 10th

  • 100 squats
  • 14 push-ups
  • 15 hydrants, each leg
  • 15 straight leg glute kickback, each leg
  • 15 lateral lunges, each leg

Monday, May 11th

  • 110 squats
  • 15 push-ups
  • 18 hydrants, each leg
  • 18 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 18 Lateral Lunges, each leg

Tuesday, May 12th

  • 120 squats
  • 15 push-ups
  • 18 hydrants, each leg
  • 18 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 18 lateral lunges, each leg

Wednesday, May 13th

  • 130 squats
  • Rest day

Thursday, May 14th

  • 140 squats
  • 18 push-ups
  • 20 hydrants, each leg
  • 20 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 20 lateral lunges, each leg

Friday, May 15th

  • 150 squats
  • 18 push-ups
  • 22 hydrants, each leg
  • 22 straight leg glute kickbacks, each leg
  • 22 lateral lunges, each leg

Saturday, May 16th

  • 160 squats
  • Run/walk 1 mile
  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 10 curtsy lunges, each side

Best of luck to all of you with this weeks challenges!  Make sure to keep up the good work and feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you’re doing!  I will post week 3 next Saturday, so be on the lookout!


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Yay for officially making it to 30 weeks!!!  Hopefully I only have 10 weeks left, but I would absolutely love it if it were a little less; just not more.  Mostly because I’m already uncomfortable and know that I’ll only get larger.

Update Time:

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How Far Along: 30 weeks today and Griffin is suppose to weigh about as much as a head of cabbage.

Clothing:  I’m just going to be honest and say that as much as I love that I am growing this amazing little boy, I absolutely hate the fact that nothing is fitting me anymore.  Luckily my workout pants still do, but now that the weather is getting nice, I tried on my workout shorts, and had little success.  I’m also trying to avoid wearing my favorite Lululemon workout tanks, because I don’t want to stretch them out.  Therefore, I’ve started wearing Jeff’s workout shirts.

Some of my maternity clothes are even getting uncomfortable to wear now that it’s becoming summer.  All I want to do is wear a loose fitting dress, and I only have a few to choose from.  I could go buy more, but I just really don’t want to spend the money on something I will only wear a few more times.  I did however buy a cute new dress for my baby shower at the end of the month, and to wear to a NASCAR race (the coca-cola 600) over Memorial Day weekend.  Yes, I have to dress up to go to a NASCAR race, because we sit in the owners box.  It’s kind of funny because we always get a lot of strange looks at first.

My Health:  I’ve been waiting and waiting to hear anything about how my echocardiogram and heart rate monitor results came back; but I just figured that no news was good news, and I was right.  Both doctors offices called me later on Tuesday afternoon, telling me that my heart was perfect and that I had no reason to be concerned about it.  I guess it’s just like I thought, Griffin is crushing me from the inside. Lol…..

I did however have a really bad spell on Wednesday afternoon.  I could feel my heart rate going up and I became very light headed, weak, and knew I had to sit down otherwise I would pass out.  I also started seeing dancing yellow spots in both my eyes.  It was awful and definitely something I won’t miss about my pregnancy.  Luckily the spots only lasted a minute or two, but the spell itself lasted for about an hour.  It’s more of a nuisance then anything else.

Exercise/Health:  Despite Wednesday’s spell, I’ve really been into working out this week and also eating healthy.  I didn’t prep big meals, but I did prep little snack size fruit and veggie bowls.  I learned a valuable lesson with my last meal prep; Which was, that I prepped too much meat and it went bad before I could eat it all.  I’ve also kept to working out everyday this week, and have even been overcoming little snack cravings.  My personal workouts have been at home though, not the gym, because Jeff was out of town and I had to take care of the puppies in the mornings, which is when I like to workout.

What’s Next:  Jeff and I are continuing to work on Griffin’s nursery, which should be done real soon.  Hopefully we’ll finish up the closet this weekend (we are putting in built in shelves), hang up one or two more small things, and then it should be done.  I’ll continue to post pictures once I have them.

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I also have my last 4 week doctors appointment this upcoming Tuesday, and then I’ll be going every other week, until I believe week 36, then it will be weekly appointments.  Sadly I don’t think I get anymore ultrasounds, although I really want one.  It’s been forever since I’ve seen him, although I know that he’s getting big, because his kicks are starting to hurt.

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You can definitely see where Griffin is living/growing and I know that a lot of pregnant people love being pregnant, but honestly I’m not really sure how I feel about it.  I have some days where I don’t mind, and then I also have days where I break down and cry because this is the largest I’ve been in 6-7 years.  I worked so hard to be where I was at and for those of you who have list weight, I know you understand.  I also don’t like the feeling of not being in control of my body.  In the end though, I know it will all be worth it, I already love him so much!

I guess that’s all I have to report right now.  For those of you who are joining me in my May Challenge though, I’ll e posting next weeks daily workouts on Saturday, so make sure to check back and keep up the good work!

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Agh!  I can’t believe that it’s already May 4th!  I really meant to write this post sooner, but it appears that I’ve been a little distracted trying to get things done around the house.

Anyway……for the month of May, I decided I was going to create a leg, thigh, and glute challenge.  I’m trying to keep my muscles in the best shape I can, so that it’ll be easier to bounce back after pregnancy.  I’ve had a rocky couple of weeks, but I’m ready to get back to it!

I plan to put up this months challenge one week at a time, starting on Sunday’s, so you’ll have to check back weekly.  Feel free to leave comments too, and let me know how you’re doing.  I apologize that this post is coming a day late, but you can either skip yesterday’s challenge, or play catch up by doing two sets today!

So, here’s the challenge for the week/month of May!

Sunday, May 3rd:

  • 30 squats
  • 5 push-ups
  • 5 lateral lunges, each leg
  • 5 hydrants, each leg
  • 5 straight leg glute kickback, each leg

Monday, May 4th

  • 40 squats
  • 7 push-ups
  • 7 lateral lunges, each leg
  • 7 hydrants, each leg
  • 7 straight leg glute kickback, each leg

Tuesday, May 5th

  • 50 squats
  • 7 push-ups
  • 7 lateral lunges, each leg
  • 7 hydrants, each leg
  • 7 straight leg glute kickback, each leg

Wednesday, May 6th

  • 60 squats
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 lateral lunges, each leg
  • 10 hydrants, each leg
  • 10 straight leg glute kickback, each leg

Thursday, May 7th

  • 70 squats
  • 12 push-ups
  • 12 lateral lunges, each leg
  • 12 hydrants, each leg
  • 12 straight leg glute kickback, each leg

Friday, May 8th

  • 80 squats
  • Rest Day

Saturday, May 9th

  • 90 squats
  • 14 push-ups
  • 15 lateral lunges, each leg
  • 15 hydrants, each leg
  • 15 straight leg glute kickback, each leg

I know it may seem like a lot of squats, and if you need to, you can always break them up.  Remember though, proper form is so important when it comes to your squats.  Keep those knees behind your toes, and back straight.

I will be posting next weeks challenge on Saturday, so make sure that you check back for the new week!  You’ve got this!

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What a hectic week this has been!!!  Therefore, I actually have quite a bit to share.

Update time:

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How Far Along: 29 weeks

Feelings/Emotions:  I’ve had quite a bit of ups and downs this past week and usually pride myself on how well I’ve been keeping my pregnancy hormones, and everything else in check, but I may have slipped just a little.  As strong as we all try to be, I know that everyone has a breaking point and unfortunately, I just had a lot going on this past week.

So whats exactly been going on around here???? Let’s start with….

My Heart Rate:  I believe I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been suffering from a drastic sudden increase in heart rate.  Well I ended up going to my new primary care doctor (I never had one before because in the almost 10 years I’ve lived in North Carolina, I’ve never been sick), who sent me to see a cardiologist on Monday.  After hearing about all my symptoms, which included almost passing out 3 times while on a hospital tour Saturday, Dr. Patel (the cardiologist) ordered me to have an echocardiogram on Wednesday, that lasted for about 30 minutes.  As I sit here typing this, I’m still waiting to hear the results.  Hopefully they’re good though, because everything else has come back good so far.

In addition to the testing I also had to wear a hospital grade heart rate monitor for 48 hours, Monday night-Wednesday night; which was a complete pain.

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The reason I say the monitor was a pain was because I had all the little tabs taped to my chest with wires running down my body, to a device that needed to be clipped to my pants, and I also had a cellphone I had to carry in case I had an episode; which sadly I did not.  I’m really hoping that means I don’t have to wear the monitor for a longer period of time.

New Car:  Another big, emotional event occurred for me this week…..I had to trade in my dream car, which I’ve owned for the last 8 years, in order to get a car that would accommodate Griffin’s infant seat.  I know that to some people this might not seem like that big of an event, but all my life, even while growing up, I’d always dreamed of owning my very own mustang.  Then, when Jeff and I moved to North Carolina, it finally happened.  What makes this event so difficult is that I’ve had my car for so long now and it’s always gotten me to the places I needed to be, both during good times and bad.  That’s why it’s easy for me to say, I’ll definitely miss it.

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My new car, a 2013 Ford Titanium Focus Hatchback is really nice though, and I like it a lot, but it’s just not the same.  I think it’s kind of funny, because everyone keeps asking me if I love my new car (and I do), but I don’t have the normal reaction that they’re expecting from someone who just got a new car.  The good thing is that we already have the new car paid off, so Jeff and I can start saving for a mustang, which I can hopefully get in about 2 years!

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Workouts/Fitness:  This has not been the best week for working out.  I did make it to the gym on Monday for a good leg day workout, but then, due to all the heart rate issues and gear that I had to wear, I took a few days off.  When I say I took a few days off though, it really just means that I didn’t go to the gym to exercise; I did however go for some short walks outside, and then made it back to the gym this morning.  I always feel so much better about things when I can actually workout, which is why I think this past week was so emotional.  I usually use fitness as a way to relieve my stress, and I didn’t have that outlet this week.

What’s Next:  Jeff and I have another class down at the hospital on Saturday morning, which should be very informative.  Hopefully this one goes a little smoother then last week and doesn’t result in me almost being admitted.  We’ve also been working on Griffin’s closet, so hopefully we can get that finished and then his nursery will pretty much be done.  We’re in the process of adding in built-in shelves and clothes racks.

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I may be a little crazy, but I also signed up for my next half marathon!  It’s not until January, which gives me plenty of time to get back into shape after Griffin is born.  Plus I knew that if I didn’t sign up for it now, I wouldn’t get to do it.  Disney races fill up incredibly fast.

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What Else:  Things are slowly becoming a little more difficult now that I’m further along in my pregnancy.  Everyone keeps saying that I look good for 29 weeks, and I was actually told I looked beautiful today by someone at the grocery store, but honestly, I’m feeling huge (which I know is what every pregnant women says).  Getting out of bed at night and in the morning is becoming a pain, I feel like I never have anything to wear, I tire out quickly, and Griffin isn’t just giving cute little baby kicks anymore; they are sudden, hard and they hurt. Lol….Sorry for the honesty, but most of the time you just hear people talk about how great everything is.  I’m just being real.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m still very excited to meet him, I know that it’s all worth it, and he is loved beyond words.  I’m just saying that some days are easier then others, and if I can stay motivated, then so can you!

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I’m not really liking these pictures anymore (feeling quite large, and I still have over 10 weeks left), but I know I’ll have a ton of fun posting the weight loss ones 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be seeing some of you at the gym this week!  Stay strong and motivated!