Weight Loss Plateaus


Lets talk for a minute……

How many of you have ever just stopped losing weight, and wondered what was going on?  Most likely, if this has happened, you hit what’s known as a weight loss plateau.  So, what exactly does this mean, what causes it, and how can one push past it?

The answer to these questions need to be discussed because it’s important to know that you’re not doing anything wrong, and that this temporary halt in your weight loss is something that most of us experience at some point or another.  It’s also reassuring to know that this plateau is something you can overcome, so don’t lose hope and revert back to old habits.

Now, let’s dig deeper……What exactly causes a weight loss plateau?

When you first begin to lose weight, most likely by changing your diet and adding exercise, you’ll notice that the pounds tend to fall off easier then they do later on.  Why is this?  Well, during those early weeks of your lifestyle change and cutting calories, your body is still going to need energy to burn, therefore it gets it from stored up glycogen, which can be found in your muscles and in your liver.  Glycogen is partly made up of water, which is why you hear so many people talk about losing “water weight” at the beginning of their weight loss program.  However, this form of weight loss is only temporary and is also why those fad, 3-day diets don’t last.  You honestly have to be dedicated to making a lifestyle change in order to keep up with your long term goals and expectations.

Over time, as your body continues to lose weight you’ll also lose some muscle along with the fat.  Therefore, it’s important to know that muscles are what keeps your metabolism up, and can help you burn calories, even when you aren’t doing anything.  This muscle loss, however, is what causes your metabolism to slow down, which eventually leads to your weight loss standstill; even though you might be eating the same calories as when you first started to lose weight.  When this happens, you’ve reached what we call a plateau.

At this point, some people are satisfied with the amount of weight they’ve lost, and if you are that’s awesome!  However, if you’re someone who’s determined to lose even more weight, there are a couple of things that can be done to get your metabolism going again.  In order for your weight loss to pick back up, you’ll need to do some reassessing.  First, make sure that you haven’t loosened your rules any, thinking that you can get by with slightly larger portion sizes, or skipping an exercise session here or there.  If this sounds like it could be you, it’s ok, just get back on track immediately.  Also, work on cutting your calories slightly, or increasing your physical activity.  And don’t forget to think outside the gym.  Fitness does not always have to take place in a room full of machines, like some people think it does.  Instead, do things like going for a morning or afternoon walk/jog, park your car further away at the store, take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.  Keep in mind too, that one of the best things you can do is to add weightlifting to your routine.  Adding this type of physical fitness will help to increase your muscle mass, which will also help your body burn more calories.  I know that lots of people worry that they’ll bulk up, but it can take years of heavy lifting to grow your muscles.  Lifting light weights here and there is just going to help keep you toned.

Whatever your ultimate goal is, just remember to not give up.  However, if making these changes still don’t help, and you want to lose more weight, then I recommend that you speak with your doctor or a dietitian.  They’ll be full of helpful ideas.  Always remember though, that you are more then just a number on a scale.  If you feel good about where you are and how you look, that’s all that really matters.


Disney Dark Side Weekend


Apparently this week is getting away from me, because I can’t believe that it’s already Thursday.  I always find it somewhat difficult to come back from a trip and get caught up on things, but it’s even more challenging when you aren’t feeling well.  Thankfully I’m finally feeling better and now I have a chance to get things around here done.  I hate cleaning though, so here I am procrastinating……


Last weekend was amazing, and we had such a wonderful time in Florida!  The reason we went down there was because I signed up to run the Inaugural Disney Star Wars Dark Side Challenge, and Jeff ran the Star Wars 5K.  Sidenote: I’m so incredibly proud of him, because Jeff absolutely hates to run, and he actually wanted to sign up to do it all on his own.  I loved getting to cheer him on!  He even plans on doing the Disney 10K in January now.  I may have made a runner out of him!


As far as the races go, we couldn’t have asked for better days.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  However, poor Griffin was once again sick.  It seems that every time we go on vacation he comes down with some type of illness; we can’t take him anywhere.  This time, the poor little man must have caught a stomach virus because he ended up vomiting almost every day that we were away.  It probably didn’t help that he had to wake up at about 2:00 in morning, so that we could get ready to head off for the race.  Griffin did surprisingly well with being woken up and just ended up taking short naps here and there throughout the day.


Overall, I’m very excited with my results!  I ran the 10k in 58:16 seconds, and I ran the half marathon, the following day, in 2:03:32.  I can’t lie though, I am a little disappointed, but only because I was so close to running the half marathon in under 2 hours.  Unfortunately, my knee was killing me for the first 4 miles of the race, so I had to slow down my pace.  I absolutely refused to walk though, and thankfully I know my body well enough to know that the pain would eventually subside, which it did, and that’s when I was able to pick my speed back up.


If you’ve ever considered running a Disney race, you definitely should.  They are so much fun and everyone is there to have a good time.  I can’t wait for my next challenge in November, and I also plan to sign up for another one in January, when registration opens next week!

It’s always good to place goals and dates on a calendar; that way it helps keep you motivated!  So what are your goals?  Feel free to share in the comments below!



Finding Balance


One thing that’s always been important in my life is finding balance.  I have the type of personality that needs daily structure and routine, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I often struggle when my schedule is interfered with.  This is something I’ve been working on though, even more so since becoming a mom.  However, I have to admit that I’m not there yet.  That’s why, after much debating, I finally decided to take Jeff’s advice and place Griffin into daycare full time.  I know that many moms out there may frown on me for doing so, especially when I can stay home with him, but we all have to do what’s right for us at the time.  Plus, I can always change things later on, because nothing’s set in stone.  And daycare’s actually been good for Griffin, providing him the opportunity to interact among other children, and helping him develop social skills.

Now that he’s in daycare (which he loves by the way), its freed up my time to get back to doing things that I’ve had to put on hold, due to time limitations.  I’m finally getting to clean the house, workout, cook, train others, run errands, update my blog, work on my Advocare business, create my 6 week online bootcamp (which should be available soon), actually take a shower (other moms will understand that the struggle is real), etc.  And being able to accomplish these things is finally helping me find that much needed balance again, which in turn, makes me feel like my old and happy self.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I had a rocky start to motherhood; but I absolutely love and adore my little man!  He’s absolutely perfect and brings such joy to my life!  However, when Griffin was first born I lost all sense of balance, and honestly probably suffered from a little postpartum depression because of it.  There were days where I would literally just sit on the floor and cry.  And I’m not talking about the kind of crying where a little tear falls down my check, but rather full on sobs.  I just didn’t know how to release my stress, because fitness and working out was always my go to stress reliever, and I didn’t have time for it anymore.  I felt lost.  To make matters worse, Griffin was a very unhappy baby.  It wasn’t his fault though.  He suffered from a severe case of reflux, and other stomach issues.  Thankfully, it has just now started to correct itself, but at the time, it lead to full days of screaming and crying, and I was the only one at home trying to figure out why my little baby was in pain.  It was heart breaking and I absolutely hated not being able to help him.  There’s nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and not being able to make him feel better.  I’m so happy those days are behind us and that life is returning to normal.

The real reason for this post is to let other new mothers out there know that they are not alone.  We’re all allowed to feel any way we want, and it doesn’t make you a bad parent.  I also promise that you’ll find balance, it might just take some time.

Life Moves Pretty Fast

I know that I’ve been gone for awhile, and in the blogging world that can make or break sites, but hopefully I’m back!  And what better way to begin this post then with one of my all-time favorite quotes.

“Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Buellers Day Off

I wanted to share this quote, because I feel it accurately sums up why I’ve been away.  Let me break it down for you like this…..

I can remember being a young, carefree girl, back in the early 90’s, just sitting in my living room and listening to the ever so wise Ferris Bueller utter these words on my television set.  However, at that time, I never really thought twice about them.  They were literally just words to me, and from my perspective, time couldn’t move fast enough.  Maybe Ferris wanted to stop and look around for awhile, but all I wanted was to be more grown up, and honestly, I also wanted summertime to come around faster and more often.  Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying though, of course I was having fun and enjoying life, but I definitely didn’t want time to slow down.  (Maybe I was the only kid who felt this way, but I really doubt it.)

It wasn’t until I started to become older, and more grown up, that I realized Ferris Bueller was actually right.  It honestly feels like time keeps speeding up, and the years are flying by faster and faster; especially now that I have Griffin.  I can’t believe that he’s already 8 months old and so many people I know, don’t get to see him very often, if at all.  If time really wants too, it’s fine, I totally give it permission to slow down, because before I know it, Griffin’s going to be one.


All of this is the reason why I decided to take some time off from posting.  Motherhood has been an incredibly busy and trying time for me, and I’m learning and attempting to find daily balance as I go.  So, in the words of the ever so wise Ferris Bueller, I wanted to stop and look around for awhile and take life in.  Griffin’s only going to be little once, so I’ve been enjoying the time I’ve had, watching him grow.  When you think about it, life’s pretty amazing and filled with thousands of “first times” that we completely forget about as we get older, until we can see it through the eyes of a child, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Last Pregnancy Chalkboard

Griffin Ozzy King is officially here!!!!


I know the sign above reads 39 weeks, but I didn’t actually make it that far.  Griffin decided to arrive a tad early and was born at 38 weeks, 2 days.  In fact, after I posted last week, that’s kind of when the whole labor process began.  I know it’s said that everyone has a different birth story, so here’s a summary of mine…….

My week in review:  Last Wednesday, July 1st, I had a doctor’s appointment where my OBGYN did a cervix check and informed me that I was about 3 cm dilated but 0% effaced.  To me, this basically meant that nothing was going on, mostly bc I’ve known people who were dialated for weeks on end and nothing happened.  That, in addition to the fact that I was 0% effaced, and had a very posterior cervix, told me that I probably had some time yet.  Boy was I ever wrong!

When I woke up on Thursday morning, July 2nd, I discovered that I was beginning to lose some of my mucus plug, or at least that’s what I figured it was.  It continued a little throughout the day, but I felt that it wasn’t constant or bad enough to make me think that I needed to call my doctor.  Plus I’ve always heard of women losing their plug, and it didn’t always trigger labor; therefore I just went on with my day and even worked out.

Fast forward to Friday morning……I awoke suddenly at about 2:30 a.m with really bad period like cramps that would last for about 30 seconds and were about 2 minutes apart.  The cramps were miserable and kept me up the rest of the night/morning.  In addition to these cramps, I also continued to lose a little bit of my plug.  My original plan was to call my doctor when they opened in morning, but I didn’t feel like it was bad enough to wake Jeff up, or to go to the hospital.  Looking back now I’m kind of surprised I didn’t accidentally wake Jeff though, because I was doing a lot of moaning and rolling around in bed.

When 6:30 a.m eventually rolled around I informed Jeff that I was going to rest a little longer, because I’d been up almost all night.  By this point my cramps were more spread out, not lasting as long, and not nearly as intense.  I felt like I was fine, but still decided to call my doctors office just to let them know what was going on and to see what they’d recommend.  I felt like I had enough energy so I took a shower and then called my doctor.  Sadly, when I placed my call, I discovered that the office was closed for the holiday weekend.  Luckily though, I was patched through to the on call doctor who told me to relax and take it easy for the afternoon, and to call again if things seemed to progress.

Thankfully Jeff happened to be off work for the day too, so we just hung around the house and watched some Entourage.  Every now and again the cramps would come back and then around 3:30 p.m or so, they were becoming pretty intense and regular.  That’s when I decided to give the doctor another call and she informed me that I should go to the hospital and get checked out.  I don’t think she really thought I was labor, which was ok, because I wasn’t sure either.  All I knew for certain was that I was in pain and it was making me want to cry.

Therefore, Jeff and I packed up our stuff as soon as I got off the phone and we arrived at the hospital at a little before 5:30 p.m.  Once there we decided to walk around outside for a little bit to try to get the contractions to start back up.  They had kind of diminished on the car ride down.  After that, we checked in and were escorted up (I didn’t feel I needed a wheel chair) to the maternity ward where we were taken into a private room and I was hooked up to a few different monitors.  Next, one of the nurses came in, did a cervix check, and then informed me that I was still 0% effaced and what she believed to be only 2 cm dilated (which meant that nothing had changed since my doctors appointment on that Wednesday).  After her initial check the nurse left the room to call my on-call doctor with the results.  Jeff and I couldn’t help but over hear her tell Dr. Mallard that nothing has internally changed with the dilation and effacement, but that I was definitely having real and serious contractions.  Once she was off the phone the nurse came back into the room and gave me two options.  She informed me that Dr. Mallard said I could either walk around the hospital for an hour, to see if I progress any, or that I could go home and labor there.  Either way, they thought it was actual labor but still very early and could be days yet.  I chose to walk the floor for an hour.

After the nurse left the room, I put on another hospital gown, wrapped some loose monitor cords around me, and Jeff and I took to the hallways.  We walked kind of slow, and stopped at different bulletin boards around the halls to kill time and monitor contractions.  As we continued to walk my contractions kept getting worse and worse.  It was dour second lap around the floor that they got to the point where I couldn’t even stand and was literally hunched over the rails that were attached to the walls.  That’s when I decided to cut our walk short and just return to my room.  Once back, the nurse came into the room to do another cervix check and sadly reported that nothing had changed.  She also informed me that I was definitely in the very early stages of labor and that Doctor Mallard said I could either be checked into the hospital, if I really wanted to, or I could go home and labor there for awhile longer.  They also said that I would most likely be back either the next day or over the weekend.  So, after much debating, I decided that going home made the most sense.  Mostly because if I chose to be admitted to the hospital they couldn’t give me anything to help with pain, and I also wouldn’t be able to eat solid food until after I delivered, and there was no way of knowing for sure how long that would be.

Jeff and I arrived back at our house around 7:30 p.m. and all I felt like doing was laying on the couch.  At this point, my contractions were definitely getting stronger and after about 6 years, I finally caved and told Jeff to just order us a pizza from Papa John’s.  Between the time we ordered the pizza and the time it arrived, my contractions were getting closer together and lasting about 25-35 seconds.  They hurt so bad too, that I would just ball up on the couch and couldn’t even sit on the toilet whenever I had to go to the bathroom.  Eating dinner was a challenge too, and I only managed to eat a slice and a half, mostly because if I wasn’t taking a bite of pizza, or having a contraction, I was passed out from the pain.  Thankfully I have an amazing husband!  Jeff was so supportive and sat with me the entire time monitoring all of my contractions, telling me how to breathe, and feeding me my pizza.  Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, and at around 11:15, when I was slumped over on the stairs and crying, I told Jeff he needs to call the doctor back and tell her we were heading back to the hospital.


Don’t let my smile fool you.  Right after my photo I was against the counter curled over in pain.

We arrived back at CMC Main around 11:45 and this time I told Jeff that he needed to go through the emergency entrance.  We left the car there and went inside.  Thankfully someone met us at the front desk with a wheel chair and after Jeff was given his visitors badge I was immediately wheeled up to the maternity floor.  They must have realized that it was for real this time, because I was immediately wheeled into a delivery room and was hooked up to all the monitors.  It didn’t take very long (maybe 5 minutes) before a nurse came in to do a cervix check.  She informed me that I was now 100% effaced and around 5 cm dilated and having major contractions.  Man!  Did that ever happen fast.



After the check the nurse asked if I was planning on being given an epidural, because if I was she’d go get the anesthesiologist to administer the drug.  I immediately replied YES, because after laboring all day, I was definitely ready for some relief.  Thankfully it only took a few minutes before he arrived to my room, and as the door was closing behind him I could hear a lady from down the hallway screaming bloody murder.  It honestly sounded like she was dying.  I just stared blankly at the nurse and anesthesiologist and said, she’s doing it without medicine, isn’t she?  They looked at each other and said yup, and the baby is about to arrive.  Wow!  I give those women who do it naturally a lot of credit.

I honestly have to say that being given the epidural was not nearly as bad as I was expecting.  I hardly even felt a thing.  However, I knew that if I saw the needle I would have freaked out, so I made sure that I was very careful not to look at any of the equipment as the anesthesiologist wheeled it in.  Sadly, Jeff wasn’t thinking, and made the mistake of looking at the needle before and he almost passed out.  He ended up having to squat to the floor and was then helped into a chair to regain his strength.

Let me just say the whoever created the epidural is seriously my new best friend!  It pretty much went into effect right away and even though I could sometimes tell when a contraction started, I felt absolutely no pain.  After the epidural was administered it kind of slowed my progress down, so my nurse came in and told Jeff and I to just get comfortable and try to get some sleep for the night.  She also said that she’d come back periodically to check on me.  Once she left, Jeff and I decided that we would try to rest, and I did.  I really can’t remember the last time that I ever slept that good.  Between the all day contractions and the drugs, I was beat.  The next thing I remember was waking up and it being morning.


At about 7:00 Dr. Millard (not my usual OBGYN, but she was the one on-call over the holiday weekend) came into my room to check on my progress.  She reported that I was now 7 cm dilated, and therefore wanted to break my water, especially seeing that it hadn’t happened yet.  After that she left the room for a few minutes, and Jeff messaged my sister Shannon, to let her know what was going on.  I was excited because she was driving up from Orlando, Florida to be with us.  About 15 minutes later, at around 7:15, Dr. Millard came back in, and broke my water.  It honestly was not what I was expecting it to be.  The whole process took only about 2 seconds and I didn’t feel a thing; not even any pressure.  I’ll have to admit though that it was kind of gross, which made me so glad that it didn’t break on it’s own, and in public.

After my water had been broken, Jeff and I didn’t think that it’d be too much longer before Griffin arrived.  We thought for sure that he’d be in our arms by 8:15, even though my sister predicted 10:45.  We kind of had a chuckle about that, because we really thought that there was absolutely no way I’d last that long.  Once again, we were wrong.  Dr. Millard ended up coming back in to see me around 8:00 a.m to see how I was progressing, and I’d now gone up to 8 cm.  At this point things were looking good, but then came to a screeching halt.  After that every time that someone came into the room to check on me, my progress was exactly the same.  That’s why at around 2:00, after zero progress, and the fact that Griffin’s heart rate dropped numerous times, my doctor made the decision that I’d need a c-section.  As soon as I heard this news I immediately began to bawl.  All my plans that I had made had now gone out the window, and I absolutely did not want a c-section.   However, my feelings didn’t matter.  I knew that for Griffins safety, and mine, it had to be done.


Jeff all ready to go into the operating room

Therefore, at around 4:15 I was transported down to the operating room.  We were informed that Jeff was allowed to go in with me, but wasn’t permitted in until after I was already prepped for surgery.  Once I was taken away from him, and wheeled into the room, I broke down again and began to cry.  I’ve never in my entire life even had so much as a sprained ankle, or a broken bone and now I was about to have major stomach surgery, without any warning, and it scared me.  I’ll admit that I ended up crying throughout the entire operation, even though they gave me tons of medicine; maybe even more then I actually needed.  Thankfully Jeff was there, because he was my rock throughout it all.

After I was all prepped, and they started to cut me open the nurses went out to get Jeff.  I told them to please make sure they let him know what was going on because I knew that if he accidentally looked down, when he walked in the room, he’d pass out, and I really needed him.  In fact, that was my one request.  My exact words to him were, “Please do not pass out on me.”  Jeff took that request very seriously too and didn’t even once consider leaving my side.  In fact, a nurse ended up taking his camera from him so that she could get pictures of Griffin being cleaned up.  By doing that, she allowed Jeff to stay by my side, and even when they brought Griffin over, Jeff held him in one of his hands and had my hand in his other.  I was so appreciative of that, and glad that if I couldn’t hold our son right away, that Jeff got to.


Griffin Ozzy King was officially delivered on July 4th, at 4:35 p.m, weighing in at 6 lbs. 15 oz., and was 21 inches long.  I’m not going to go into any detail about the actual c-section though and what it felt like, mostly because everyone is different and I don’t want to scare anyone that has to have a c-section in the future.  Some people may think that it’s not bad.  All I know though is that they had to push on me extra hard because they said I had really tight stomach muscles.  Hopefully that will help me bounce back quickly.

After I delivered, and was stitched and stapled shut, I was wheeled into a recovery room where I was required to stay for about an hour.  Once there I was finally allowed to hold my son and have some skin on skin time.  I honestly don’t remember too much of it though, mostly because there were still a lot of drugs in my system and I was exhausted.  In fact, a few days later, when I was going through Jeff’s photos, I found myself asking him when he took this or that, and he’d just reply with, “in the recovery room.”


I don’t remember this being taken, but it’s my favorite photo!

Once I was cleared I was taken to the room that we’d be staying in over the next couple of nights.  My sister even ended up making it to town on time to be at the hospital when I left recovery.  She was the first visitor that we had and it was so nice to have her there!  I absolutely love my little family and would do anything for Jeff and Griffin!  People always say that when you have a kid it changes things, and I never really believed it, but now I know that it’s true.  Jeff and Griffin are the most important people in my life and watching them together absolutely melts my heart.  I can already see the love they share for one another.


Right after I was wheeled from recovery to my room.  I’m still a little medicated.


Griffin and me on day two in the hospital


I love my family!

I also want to say that Jeff was incredible throughout this entire pregnacy.  He put up with all my complaints, would massage my shoulders, back, and feet when they hurt, and now, after my surgery he’s doing absolutely everything around the house, because I’m not allowed to.  Thankfully he’s been working from home too, which has been a huge help, especially seeing I’m not really suppose to be doing anything except relax on the couch.  It’s driving me crazy too, because I really want to at least start walking again.  Due to the c-section though, I know it’s going to be a bit longer now before I can start lifting weights and going all out again.  Whenever I’m feeling down about it though, I just hold Griffin and he instantly makes me smile.

I’m to the point now, where I’m just trying to get use to my new routine.  I’ve actually been working on updating this blog for over a week now, but just have not had the time.  Due to this, I may be taking a short break.  I promise though, to continue to update whenever I get a chance.


38 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard

Happy Forth of July Weekend!!!!!  If you can’t tell from all my exclamation marks I’m very excited!  There are actually two reasons for me to celebrate this weekend.  One is obviously the holiday, the other being that it’s now officially July and I only have 14 days left, give or take!!!!


Update Time:


How Far Along: 38 weeks

Health/Fitness:  I’ve still been motivating myself to workout at the gym and at home.  My typical routine includes walking on the treadmill, using the elliptical machine, and also lifting weights.  I find that I’m tiring out very quickly these days and have definitely been taking naps, however I’m still pushing myself and for that I’m proud.

What’s New:  There’s really not too much else to report.  After my doctors appointment this week, where I found out I’m 3 cm dialated, but 0% effaced, I realized that I’m just in the waiting game stage and it’s starting to suck.  Therefore, I decided to take a step back to a piece of motherly advice I use to recieve a lot, and that’s, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”.  I have to chuckle because that’s to the point I’m at.  I really have nothing good left to say, other then I’m almost done and will get to hold my son very soon.  Oh my gosh!  That sounds so strange to me.  My son.  I can’t believe in about 2 weeks I’m going to be someone’s mother.  It’s actually difficult to believe and makes me wonder where time goes?  I don’t feel grown up enough to be a mom, but I guess you never really do.


So this will probably be my last exposed belly shot I share; mostly bc I’m feeling very large.  However I’m very thankful that I don’t have any stretch marks; at least for now.

Today also marked my last day of training others at the gym, at least for now.  I still plan to go in for my own workouts, so hopefully I’ll see some of you around, but if not, enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll be back to training in September!


37 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard

I’m really trying to remain positive, and take this all one day at a time, but I have to say that I’m definitely over this pregnancy thing.

Update Time:


How Far Along: 37 weeks, 1 day (37 weeks use to be considered full term, so I’m fine with him coming any time)

Exercise/Fitness:  I’ve really been doing my best to continue to workout.  To clarify, that means I’ve made it to the gym a few times over the past week and have also been using my treadmill at home.  My workouts continue to be about the same though….20-30 minutes on the treadmill at an incline, and about an hour of cardio/weights whenever I go to the gym.  I really can’t wait though until the day I can run and box again, plus lift heavier weights.  I know it won’t be as soon as I like, but every day I know I’m one day closer.

Griffin Update:  So I had my growth ultrasound on Wednesday morning, and Jeff went along with me.  It was fun because we actually got to see how Griffin’s growing, which makes it feel more real again, seeing we haven’t “seen” him since week 17.  It’s crazy how much he has grown.  According to all the measurements they took, the doctor is predicting that he’s around 6lbs. 13 oz. and really could be born any time now.  My next appointment is on Wednesday, and they will be checking to see if I’m dilated at all.  Not that that really means anything if I am, it just gets my hopes up that it will be sooner rather then later.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows:  As most of you know, (well those of you who have been following my blog) I really haven’t had a difficult pregnancy.  What I mean by this is that I was never sick, I was still able to work out, I kept my energy (for the most part), I didn’t have high blood pressure, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, etc.  However, with all that being said, now that I’m nearing the end of third trimester, I’m becoming absolutely miserable.  I’m starting to lack energy (naps help some), sometimes my feet swell, I have a lot of lower pelvic pain/pressure, my back tightens up everyday (which is pretty painful), and I keep getting bigger.  This heat is not helping either.  Like I stated before….I’m trying to remain positive though, and take everything one day at a time.

As of right now, I don’t really have anything else to report.  However, just a FYI….this will be my last week training at the gym before Griffin is born.  I’ll be gone for about a month or so, but then I’ll be back.  If I don’t see you before I leave, enjoy the rest of your summer!  I will continue to be checking email though, so if you need anything, please feel free to message.



36 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard

28 more days to go, give or take!!!!  I can finally see an end in sight and I’m so excited, yet also a little nervous.

Update Time:


How Far Along: 36 weeks

My Week In Review:

Exercise/Fitness:  I’ve had a pretty good week when it comes to having the energy to workout.  I’ve managed to make it to the gym a few times to work on legs and arms, plus, I also made sure to incorporate cardio pretty much every day.  I either used my treadmill, a stationary bike,or an elliptical machine.  I can’t wait to get back outside though, and start running again.  I don’t think that it will happen though, until sometime in late August.


Food:  I’ve been trying to be really good with my food lately.  Often times it’s said that 3rd trimester is when one gains the most weight, and I’m doing my best not to gain more then what I need to, in order for Griffin to grow.  Surprisingly, I really haven’t even been hungry this trimester.  I think it’s mostly due to the fact that I’m just running out of room, and he’s crushing my insides. Often times, I’ve been forcing myself to eat because I always feel full, but know I’m not.  The acid reflux is getting bad too, and makes me scared to eat, because I know the pain I’ll have to suffer later on.  Thankfully it’s almost over.


My delicious “zero carb” protein pancakes

Doctor Visit:  I had my doctors visit on Tuesday of this past week, and will now start going weekly until Griffin is born.  I had to have my Group B strep test, and was also given my TDap shot.  People always say the shot hurts, and I was so thankful that it didn’t.  I felt fine all day, and even thought to myself, “I don’t understand what people complain about.”  Then it hit me.  I went to put on my pajamas Tuesday night and my arm was soooooo sore.  All day Wednesday it bothered me, and even as I sit here typing this blog entry, I can still feel my muscle throbbing.  It feels like I was punched in the shoulder and have a good size bruise.  Plus it’s a little puffy.  It was worth it though, knowing that Griffin will be safer until he can get his vaccinations.

My doctor also informed me that she wants to do a growth ultrasound next Wednesday, to see how he’s progressing.  According to her measurements of my abdomen, she was placing Griffin around week 33; however I think he might have just been curled up or something, because he’s been measuring on target throughout this whole pregnancy.  Although, if he’d rather be born at 6-7 pounds instead of 8-9 pounds, I’m completely ok with that, as long as he’s healthy.

What’s next:  Jeff’s cousin and his girlfriend are coming to visit us today.  They’re driving down from Michigan to pick up a new puppy and then taking him back home.  It will be nice to visit with them and catch up a little.

I’m also going to go get my hair done one last time before Griffin arrives.  I really can’t decide though if I want to cut it shorter or leave it the length it is.  My friends tell me that they really like the length it is now, but even when I have it in a ponytail and workout, I still get it caught under my arm.  I’m also starting to think it may be too long, especially with a newborn, and might be easier if it were slightly shorter.  At least I have until tomorrow to decide.

Jeff and I will also be meeting with a pediatrician this week, which is our last major task before Griffin arrives.  Hopefully we will like the practice and be all set, otherwise I will keep looking.  I’ve had quite a few recommendations from friends, which is always nice.


As sad as it is, because I love my job, I plan on next week being my last week of training until probably the beginning of September.  I still plan to workout on my own though, so hopefully I’ll see some of you around.  If not, enjoy the rest of your summer!

35 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard

Surprisingly another week has flown by and I can’t believe how quickly it went!  I thought people said that time was suppose to stand still towards the end of pregnancy.  I’m sure it will come July, because I’ll be so close to the end, but for now, the month of June has been, and will continue to be very busy for me.

Update Time:


How Far Along: 35 weeks, 1 day

Feelings/Emotions:  I’m still finding myself completely over this pregnancy.  I really don’t want Griffin to come quite yet, because I know he still needs to grow some, but I’m definitely ready.  Every day tasks are becoming more and more difficult to complete, and I find that I tire out rather quickly.  In addition to this I’ve been sleeping in and taking some naps; and for those of you who know me, I’m not a nap person (meaning I never take them, unless I’m sick).

I’ve also been thinking about how many days I have left, 34 as of today, and I have to be honest and say that I’m beginning to freak out a little.  I’m really scared of, or nervous about the whole labor process.  I’m afraid I won’t know when I go into labor, that I won’t make it to the hospital, that there will be complications (I don’t want a c-section or to be cut), that Griffin will be breech, or something else will go wrong.  I know everyone’s labor experience is different, but do you ever notice that people only really like to tell you about the times things went wrong?  Thanks, that really doesn’t help my nerves.

Week in Review:   So, as I mentioned above, this past week flew by.  The two main reasons it went so quickly were because I had a cake I made for a birthday celebration, plus my little sister came to visit us from Las Vegas.  It was such a good time having her here and I was sad to see her go on Tuesday afternoon.


Visit:  My little sister flew in pretty late Friday night (way past my bedtime), so on Saturday we took it easy and kind of just bummed around.  We did decide to be active though, and despite the heat we chose to go for a walk around the trails at Latta Plantation.  Little did we know however, that when we got there, they’d be hosting a Civil War reenactment.  Needless to say we purchased tickets and decided to partake in the activities.  The reenactment was really cool to see, and we just caught the tail end of the canon demonstrations.  It was probably a good thing though, because the canons were incredibly loud and I don’t think Griffin would have liked standing next to one as it was being fired.  We still still managed to see and hear them though, but mostly just on our walk from the car into the reenactment.  Once we purchased our tickets, we walked through the plantation home, visited the gunsmith, walked through the confederate camps, learned about the flags used during the war, etc.



We also did some shopping while my sister was here, took her down to the city, played games, made dinner and cookies, watched movies, etc.  She was also very sweet and brought Griffin tons of clothes, and things she made!  I love that my family is so excited to meet him!

image image image

Working Out:  With my sister being here it made working out a little difficult, but mostly because we had some late nights so I didn’t really have the energy to get up early and go to the gym.  Due to this, I made sure we did something physically active every day she was here.  Since she’s been gone I’ve been walking on my treadmill again, and I even went for about a two mile walk outside this afternoon.  Bad decision though, because it was HOT!!!!!  I really think I need to start going for those walks earlier in the day and not at noon. Lol….

What’s Next:  I have a doctors appointment this upcoming Tuesday, so hopefully they can tell me how things are progressing, if at all.  I can still feel Griffin moving around a lot, which is good, and I even feel like he may have dropped some; or maybe I’m just hoping he did and seeing what I want to see.  Even though I think he’s dropped some I can still feel him by my ribs, and to be honest, it’s quite painful.  I can’t even sit up straight for that long before I get this sharp pain in my gut.  I wouldn’t mind it too much, but it tends to make driving somewhat of a challenge, unless I’m not going very far.  In addition to this, I now think I might have a small hernia above my navel.  I have this weird little bump that pops out right under my ribs, and sometimes it feels hard and hurts to touch.  I plan to ask my doctor about this as well.

Jeff’s cousin, Eric, will also be coming down this week, but just for a quick visit.  His girlfriend and him are purchasing a new puppy, so they’ll be staying with us on their way to pick it up.  With everything that we have planned, it should be another busy week!  Hopefully time will keep going this quickly!


I’m not done training at the gym quite yet, so hopefully I’ll see some of you this week.  If not, remember what your personal goals are and know that you’re capable of whatever you set your mind to!


34 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard

I’m really counting down the days now, only 41 left, give or take.  My guess is that he’ll come a few days early; however I probably just jinxed myself and now he’ll be late.  Maybe I should change my prediction…..I think he will be a few days late.



How Far Along: 34 weeks, 1 day (Jeff was out of town, so I had no one to take the picture, thankfully he’s home now)

Workouts:  Sadly, I must admit that my workouts have taken a huge hit.  I did however make it to the gym once or twice to workout, but I tire so quickly.  I’ve also been continuing to walk on my treadmill every day and I aim for at least 1 mile on an incline, or 20 minutes.  It just depends on how I feel.  I’ve been having quite a bit of lower pelvis pain, and I don’t want to over do it, especially seeing I’ve broken my pubic bone within the last year and a half.

Heartburn/Acid Reflux:  This has been by far the worst symptom of my entire pregnancy, and really the only negative symptom that I’ve had to put up with (my heart issues didn’t last too long, so I don’t count that).  I’m seriously miserable some nights and can’t sleep because of it.  The best way to descibe the experience is that it feels like I’m going to vomit fire.  I’ll just be minding my own business, sleeping like normal, and all of a sudden I’ll wake up with this burning sensation in my mouth and throat and it feels like I’m choking on acid.  My doctor instructed me to take Prevacid everyday, because Tums was doing nothing for me.  It appeared to be working too; until last night.  Ugh!  It was awful and I thought I was going to die.  Not really, but you get the point.

Baby Gifts:  This past weekend I had my last baby shower and once again, Griffin was celebrated with love.  All my friends really went out of their way and bought him the cutest stuff and I’m definitely thankful.  (I don’t really have pictures from the shower, but I did manage to quickly snap this one of the dessert table.  My friends are so creative, and I love that they knew what my favorite cake was, even though I can’t remember ever telling them. *strawberry with cream cheese icing*)


There were still a few things left on the registry though, that we knew we would need, so Jeff and I went and picked it up this past weekend.  I finally feel that we are officially ready for Griffin to come.  However, I know I say that now, and as soon as we get him home, I’m sure Jeff will be running out to get some things that we didn’t know we would need.  Such is life.

Sisterly Love:  I’m so excited!  Not only did Jeff get home from San Francisco today, but we’re also going to be picking my little sister up from the airport around 11:00 tonight!  I haven’t seen her since Christmas, and it’ll be nice to have her around for a few days.  I’m not too sure what exactly we will do yet, but we’ll find things to entertain us.

I know that Griffin doesn’t have any siblings to be excited to see, and probably won’t (I’m thinking he will be an only child) but his “sister”, Buffy, is seriously very anxious to meet him.  It really is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  She still loves to cuddle on my stomach and feel him kick and she also loves to go up to his room and lay on the floor; or really just lay on anything that’s going to belong to him.  I can’t wait until they actually get to meet.


What’s Next:  I was suppose to go to the doctors this upcoming week, however she’s going to be on vacation and because I’m not high risk, and everything has always looked perfect, she gave me two choices.  1. I could go to my appointment and see another doctor, or 2. I could wait until the following week, when she returns, and go see her.  I have quite a bit that’s going to be occurring at my next appointment, so I opted for waiting until she gets back.  I don’t think a difference of about 4 days is really going to change much.


Well, I guess that’s about all I have to share for now.  I hope that everyone is having a good week and I’ll see some of you soon!  Keep up with your workouts.