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Surprisingly another week has flown by and I can’t believe how quickly it went!  I thought people said that time was suppose to stand still towards the end of pregnancy.  I’m sure it will come July, because I’ll be so close to the end, but for now, the month of June has been, and will continue to be very busy for me.

Update Time:


How Far Along: 35 weeks, 1 day

Feelings/Emotions:  I’m still finding myself completely over this pregnancy.  I really don’t want Griffin to come quite yet, because I know he still needs to grow some, but I’m definitely ready.  Every day tasks are becoming more and more difficult to complete, and I find that I tire out rather quickly.  In addition to this I’ve been sleeping in and taking some naps; and for those of you who know me, I’m not a nap person (meaning I never take them, unless I’m sick).

I’ve also been thinking about how many days I have left, 34 as of today, and I have to be honest and say that I’m beginning to freak out a little.  I’m really scared of, or nervous about the whole labor process.  I’m afraid I won’t know when I go into labor, that I won’t make it to the hospital, that there will be complications (I don’t want a c-section or to be cut), that Griffin will be breech, or something else will go wrong.  I know everyone’s labor experience is different, but do you ever notice that people only really like to tell you about the times things went wrong?  Thanks, that really doesn’t help my nerves.

Week in Review:   So, as I mentioned above, this past week flew by.  The two main reasons it went so quickly were because I had a cake I made for a birthday celebration, plus my little sister came to visit us from Las Vegas.  It was such a good time having her here and I was sad to see her go on Tuesday afternoon.


Visit:  My little sister flew in pretty late Friday night (way past my bedtime), so on Saturday we took it easy and kind of just bummed around.  We did decide to be active though, and despite the heat we chose to go for a walk around the trails at Latta Plantation.  Little did we know however, that when we got there, they’d be hosting a Civil War reenactment.  Needless to say we purchased tickets and decided to partake in the activities.  The reenactment was really cool to see, and we just caught the tail end of the canon demonstrations.  It was probably a good thing though, because the canons were incredibly loud and I don’t think Griffin would have liked standing next to one as it was being fired.  We still still managed to see and hear them though, but mostly just on our walk from the car into the reenactment.  Once we purchased our tickets, we walked through the plantation home, visited the gunsmith, walked through the confederate camps, learned about the flags used during the war, etc.



We also did some shopping while my sister was here, took her down to the city, played games, made dinner and cookies, watched movies, etc.  She was also very sweet and brought Griffin tons of clothes, and things she made!  I love that my family is so excited to meet him!

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Working Out:  With my sister being here it made working out a little difficult, but mostly because we had some late nights so I didn’t really have the energy to get up early and go to the gym.  Due to this, I made sure we did something physically active every day she was here.  Since she’s been gone I’ve been walking on my treadmill again, and I even went for about a two mile walk outside this afternoon.  Bad decision though, because it was HOT!!!!!  I really think I need to start going for those walks earlier in the day and not at noon. Lol….

What’s Next:  I have a doctors appointment this upcoming Tuesday, so hopefully they can tell me how things are progressing, if at all.  I can still feel Griffin moving around a lot, which is good, and I even feel like he may have dropped some; or maybe I’m just hoping he did and seeing what I want to see.  Even though I think he’s dropped some I can still feel him by my ribs, and to be honest, it’s quite painful.  I can’t even sit up straight for that long before I get this sharp pain in my gut.  I wouldn’t mind it too much, but it tends to make driving somewhat of a challenge, unless I’m not going very far.  In addition to this, I now think I might have a small hernia above my navel.  I have this weird little bump that pops out right under my ribs, and sometimes it feels hard and hurts to touch.  I plan to ask my doctor about this as well.

Jeff’s cousin, Eric, will also be coming down this week, but just for a quick visit.  His girlfriend and him are purchasing a new puppy, so they’ll be staying with us on their way to pick it up.  With everything that we have planned, it should be another busy week!  Hopefully time will keep going this quickly!


I’m not done training at the gym quite yet, so hopefully I’ll see some of you this week.  If not, remember what your personal goals are and know that you’re capable of whatever you set your mind to!


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