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Humorous Picture!  I wouldn’t actually dream of cooking my little one, but grilled pineapple is the best and my all time favorite fruit!

49 days to go, but who’s counting?!?!  I’m hoping it’s a little less then that, but knowing my luck, it’s probably going to be more.

Update Time:


How Far Along: 33 weeks

Feelings:  It seems that I’ve been going through a whirlwind of emotions lately and the further along in this pregnancy I get, the more I realize I never should have complained about some of the things that I use to; before becoming pregnant.  Examples include things like complaining that I was tired, sore, felt fat, that my stomach hurt, feet hurt, etc.

As time progresses, even simple tasks, such as putting on my shoes or getting dressed are becoming more of a challenge for me and it’s really depressing when you start running out of things to wear.  In addition to not having as many clothes to wear, my mind is working overtime, thinking that I’ll never get back down to where I was (weight wise), even though I’m determined to start working out again as soon as possible.

Missing:  There’s soooo much that I’m currently missing.  I miss being able to lay down and do all my ab exercises, my workout intensity (has taken a huge downfall, even though I try), being able to sleep on my back, my normal bed pillow, being able to sleep through the night, eating what I want, taking my workout supplements, laying in the sun, going to the pool, fitting into my clothes (especially all my Lululemon workout shorts and tanks), running, and so much more.

Pregnancy Pains (what they don’t tell you):  So I haven’t necessarily been feeling the best lately.  Griffin’s been kicking/punching much harder and it’s honestly pretty painful.  Yesterday he kept doing something to my ribs and it hurt to even sit down on the couch, and then today he kicked or punched me so hard, near my lower left pelvis, that he actually caused me to curl over in sudden pain.

In addition to the painful kicks, I’ve been suffering from really bad acid reflux.  Therefore I had to give up eating anything even remotely hot or spicy, and am still scared of what to eat because I never know what will cause it.  Just the other night I tried to go to bed at 8:30, woke up to acid and a burning sensation in my throat around 9:00 and wasn’t able to lay back down until around 2:30.  I have had quite a few nights like that.  It really stinks.  Luckily I go back to the doctors tomorrow and I can ask her for some ideas on what to take.  I miss my spicy food.  Something else to add to the list of what I miss.

Busy Week:  This past week has actually been pretty busy for me.  In addition to training my usual friends at the gym, I also made a cake for a goodbye party, and had to take my little dog, Buffy, to the vet for a teeth cleaning.  Once there, my poor fur baby was put under for surgery  and had a total of 10 teeth removed.  She’s a trooper though and I’ve been keeping her company at home, trying to help her feel better and not chew on things.  The stitches have to stay in for at least 10 days and then I will take her back to make sure that she’s healing properly.


image imagePregnancy Progression – What’s Next:  I have a doctors appointment scheduled for tomorrow, so I’ll hopefully find out how Griffin’s progressing.  I’m also curious about which direction he’s facing.  Sometimes I feel like he’s facing down, but then there are other times I think he’s breech.  In addition to my doctors appointment Jeff and I will be attending an infant CPR class this Saturday morning.  I’m already certified, a requirement of my personal training certification, but I’m going to be supportive and to keep Jeff company.  After the class is over, two of my good friends, Lysa and Stephanie, are throwing me a baby shower.  I can’t wait!  It’s going to be a complete surprise, they haven’t shared any details with me, other then who’s invited.

Next Week:  I’m a little nervous about this upcoming week, because Jeff’s taking his last business trip before Griffin arrives and he’ll be gone for quite a few days.  Thankfully my pregnancy has been pretty uneventful so far, minus the minor two week heart issues, but you just never know.  Good thing I have a lot of great friends though, who are close by, and who always tell me they are there if I need them.  Hopefully I won’t need them, but it’s reassuring.

My little sister comes to town next week too, and I’m so excited!!!  I haven’t seen her since Christmas.  I’m not sure quite yet what we will do, but I know that we’ll find something.


I guess that’s all to report for now.  I hope that you’re all doing well and hopefully I’ll see some of you at the gym soon!  Enjoy your week!

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