31 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard

I can’t believe how fast the time seems to be going again!  However, in about another 4 weeks, I’ll probably look back and laugh at myself for saying that.

Update Time:


How Far Along: 31 weeks.  (Griffin is definitely getting bigger and stronger)

Clothing:  I ended up buying a few more maxi dresses this past week.  I seem to be obsessed with them lately.  Mostly because they are so comfortable, especially seeing that it’s been ridiculously hot outside.  I’m not complaining though, because I definitely enjoy the warm weather much more then the cold.

Health/Fitness:  I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with my workouts again this week.  I ended up going to the gym on Monday morning and also today, and then on Tuesday and Wednesday I just did my workouts at home.  I’ve also been focused on keeping up with both my cardio and weights, and even ran a mile on wednesday (which for me usually isn’t much, but at this stage in my pregnancy, I’ll take it).  Here’s what my workouts have looked like:  Monday was my leg day, Tuesday and Wednesday was mostly cardio activities, and today I focused on shoulders and arms.  In addition to this I have also been completing my May Monthly Challenge. Have you joined in?

I also had my doctors appointment this past week, and she informed me that everything was looking good, and the sporadic heart rate was nothing for me to be too concerned about, it happens.  The only thing that wasn’t great was the fact that my blood pressure keeps getting lower; it was 90/50, which for me is incredibly low (I typically average 112-116).  My doctor says this is pretty common though, and that it might actually get a little lower.  Apparently, as Griffin becomes larger in size, he’s going to continue to press my veins and other things together, which means my blood will have a smaller space to travel through, which makes complete sense.

Cravings:  I still haven’t had any truly strong cravings that you hear about pregnant women experiencing.  I’ll admit that there have been a couple of things every now and again that I want, but nothing I feel I NEED to have.  Jeff has been lucky and has not needed to make any special trips out to get anything, even though he has offered when I say that nothing at home sounds good.

I’ll admit though that I’m really enjoying watermelon and pineapple right now; but then again, I always like eating those two fruits.  My doctor however, wants me to increase my sodium intake and start eating more foods, like French Fries and chips, mostly for the extra sodium, but also to put on a little more weight.  She says that I’m on the lower end of the weight scale and tells me not to be afraid of food.  Lol.  I’m definitely not afraid of food, I just tend to make healthier food choices, except when it comes to sweets, I do have a weakness for Oreos and other things.

My List:  A couple weeks ago I posted a list of things that I still had to get done before Griffin arrived.  So far, the list is coming along nicely, and I’ve actually got quite a few things crossed off.  Some of our hospital classes have been taken, Griffins hospital bag is packed, I’ve cleaned things around the house and donated things to Goodwill (still have a little more to do), and we finally finished the nursery.  The only other major thing I have to do is pack my own hospital bag and write out my birth plan.  Once those two things are done, if Griffin decided to come early, it would be no big deal.  We could always get the rest of the list done with him being here.

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What’s next:  With the nursery being done now, our weekends will most likely consist of getting to do things with just the two of us.  We want to get out and enjoy our time together so this weekend we have plans to get dressed up and go to the All-Star NASCAR race.  It should be a good time.


I can’t believe I ever use to complain about having a ‘stomach’, lol…  However, my doctor did tell me yesterday that I really have no added fat in my stomach (even if I think I do), it’s pretty much all just my growing uterus.  I can definitely feel it now too, because my stomach is hard to the touch, even though it may look squishy.  I just really miss my abs and can’t wait to get them back!


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