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What a hectic week this has been!!!  Therefore, I actually have quite a bit to share.

Update time:


How Far Along: 29 weeks

Feelings/Emotions:  I’ve had quite a bit of ups and downs this past week and usually pride myself on how well I’ve been keeping my pregnancy hormones, and everything else in check, but I may have slipped just a little.  As strong as we all try to be, I know that everyone has a breaking point and unfortunately, I just had a lot going on this past week.

So whats exactly been going on around here???? Let’s start with….

My Heart Rate:  I believe I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been suffering from a drastic sudden increase in heart rate.  Well I ended up going to my new primary care doctor (I never had one before because in the almost 10 years I’ve lived in North Carolina, I’ve never been sick), who sent me to see a cardiologist on Monday.  After hearing about all my symptoms, which included almost passing out 3 times while on a hospital tour Saturday, Dr. Patel (the cardiologist) ordered me to have an echocardiogram on Wednesday, that lasted for about 30 minutes.  As I sit here typing this, I’m still waiting to hear the results.  Hopefully they’re good though, because everything else has come back good so far.

In addition to the testing I also had to wear a hospital grade heart rate monitor for 48 hours, Monday night-Wednesday night; which was a complete pain.


The reason I say the monitor was a pain was because I had all the little tabs taped to my chest with wires running down my body, to a device that needed to be clipped to my pants, and I also had a cellphone I had to carry in case I had an episode; which sadly I did not.  I’m really hoping that means I don’t have to wear the monitor for a longer period of time.

New Car:  Another big, emotional event occurred for me this week…..I had to trade in my dream car, which I’ve owned for the last 8 years, in order to get a car that would accommodate Griffin’s infant seat.  I know that to some people this might not seem like that big of an event, but all my life, even while growing up, I’d always dreamed of owning my very own mustang.  Then, when Jeff and I moved to North Carolina, it finally happened.  What makes this event so difficult is that I’ve had my car for so long now and it’s always gotten me to the places I needed to be, both during good times and bad.  That’s why it’s easy for me to say, I’ll definitely miss it.


My new car, a 2013 Ford Titanium Focus Hatchback is really nice though, and I like it a lot, but it’s just not the same.  I think it’s kind of funny, because everyone keeps asking me if I love my new car (and I do), but I don’t have the normal reaction that they’re expecting from someone who just got a new car.  The good thing is that we already have the new car paid off, so Jeff and I can start saving for a mustang, which I can hopefully get in about 2 years!


Workouts/Fitness:  This has not been the best week for working out.  I did make it to the gym on Monday for a good leg day workout, but then, due to all the heart rate issues and gear that I had to wear, I took a few days off.  When I say I took a few days off though, it really just means that I didn’t go to the gym to exercise; I did however go for some short walks outside, and then made it back to the gym this morning.  I always feel so much better about things when I can actually workout, which is why I think this past week was so emotional.  I usually use fitness as a way to relieve my stress, and I didn’t have that outlet this week.

What’s Next:  Jeff and I have another class down at the hospital on Saturday morning, which should be very informative.  Hopefully this one goes a little smoother then last week and doesn’t result in me almost being admitted.  We’ve also been working on Griffin’s closet, so hopefully we can get that finished and then his nursery will pretty much be done.  We’re in the process of adding in built-in shelves and clothes racks.


I may be a little crazy, but I also signed up for my next half marathon!  It’s not until January, which gives me plenty of time to get back into shape after Griffin is born.  Plus I knew that if I didn’t sign up for it now, I wouldn’t get to do it.  Disney races fill up incredibly fast.


What Else:  Things are slowly becoming a little more difficult now that I’m further along in my pregnancy.  Everyone keeps saying that I look good for 29 weeks, and I was actually told I looked beautiful today by someone at the grocery store, but honestly, I’m feeling huge (which I know is what every pregnant women says).  Getting out of bed at night and in the morning is becoming a pain, I feel like I never have anything to wear, I tire out quickly, and Griffin isn’t just giving cute little baby kicks anymore; they are sudden, hard and they hurt. Lol….Sorry for the honesty, but most of the time you just hear people talk about how great everything is.  I’m just being real.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m still very excited to meet him, I know that it’s all worth it, and he is loved beyond words.  I’m just saying that some days are easier then others, and if I can stay motivated, then so can you!


I’m not really liking these pictures anymore (feeling quite large, and I still have over 10 weeks left), but I know I’ll have a ton of fun posting the weight loss ones 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be seeing some of you at the gym this week!  Stay strong and motivated!

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