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Yay, this past week officially marked the beginning of Spring, and that means Summer will not be far behind!!!  And I love Summer!  However, I must admit that I’ve been enjoying watching the flowers bloom on the trees this week, and know that when I get back from Michigan, I’ll see a lot of green.

So, before I head off on my 12 hour drive to Michigan; here’s a quick update:


How Far Along: 24 weeks exactly!

Missing Anything:  With a 12 hour car ride ahead of me today, I’m really missing my triple shot, Venti, Starbucks, blonde roast coffee.  A decaf skinny vanilla latte is just not going to cover it.  Oh well.

I know this may sound funny too, but I really miss being able to carry all my grocerys inside at once.  Usually I just load up my arms and manage, but I’ve really been struggling with that lately, mostly because things are becoming awkward to carry.  I must look a little pregnant too, because the other day at Kohls, a sales guy saw me trying to carry a few items to the front of the store and came rushing over to carry them all for me.  It was really sweet and he didn’t take “no” for an answer.  He even stood with me in line is that I didn’t have to hold everything.  I’m not really use to that.

Cravings:  I must admit……I caved a little this week.  Someone on one of the pregnancy boards that I read, posted something about sweet tart jelly beans and starburst sour jelly beans.  Around Easter, I use to love jelly beans anyway, but when I saw her photo, in addition to just reading what she said, I knew that I needed to sample some, so I did.  Jeff ended up hiding the rest of the packages from me, (because I asked him to) so now I won’t have anymore.  I just wanted a taste.

I also “caved” with ice cream.  And I put “caved” in parenthesis because I didn’t completely cave.  I found the absolute best, healthy ice cream and it’s delicious!  It’s called Arctic Zero and it’s only 150 calories for the whole pint; plus it comes in many delicious flavors.  One top of that it’s fat and lactose free.  I personally love the cookies and cream flavor, but I really want to try the cookie dough. image

Health/Fitness:  I’m finally feel that I’m getting back into a good workout routine, so hopefully I don’t mess it up too much when I’m up in Michigan.  I plan to take a pair of weights with me and can also run and do body weight exercises.

As far as this week goes, I’ve been getting up and going to the gym at least 3-4 days so far, plus I’m also working out at home using my treadmill and weights.  I’ve been a little afraid to step on a scale lately, because let’s be honest, no one really likes watching themselves gain weight, but I finally did today.  I just wanted to make sure that my weight gain was on track, which it is.  Hopefully it continues this way, because at this rate I will only gain the recommended 25-35 pounds, however every pregnant women is different.

I also invested in a Polar heart rate monitor this week and after just one use I can tell you that I LOVE it!  I’ll tell you more about it, and it’s features later, once I get use to everything.  I’ve only got to use it once, as it just came in the mail yesterday.


Looking Forward to:  I’m really looking forward to my two baby showers that I have coming up this weekend and next.  I know it might be a little early, but I’m traveling up to Michigan to visit friends and family and I’m so lucky to know such wonderful people who want to honor our little boy!  I’ll post some pictures when I get back!

My Week in Review:  Overall I had a really good week!  Griffin’s been kicking a lot more (it feels so weird) and Jeff has been able to feel him, we had a blast at the NCAA tournament, I went to breakfast with some friends, we worked more on the nursery, I trained a few clients, met with a friend about designing her wedding cake (yes, I’m a baker too), and packed to head up to Michigan.  Oh yeah!  We also couldn’t resist buying this Minion outfit to take pictures of Griffin in.




Speaking of Michigan though, it’s a 12 hour drive and just me, so I had better go and get on the road.  I hope that everyone has a great and productive week!  Remember to set goals for yourself and aim to accomplish them.  I’ll leave you with this…..it’s just a quick glimpse at some of the workouts I knocked out of the park this week..


image Baby Griffin is starting to show more! 

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