21 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard

I’m not sure if anyone else ever experiences this, but each time that I get back from a vacation it always seems to take a few days to get back into the normal swing of things, and this week is definitely no different.  It’s been filled with a lot of laundry, errands, and cleaning.  I’ve also been trying to get back into my normal workout routine, but unfortunately have been experiencing a little bit of leg pain, and have therefore been taking it somewhat easy.  Thankfully I think that it’s finally starting to feel better, so hopefully I’ll be back to running some tomorrow.

Now that I’m no longer on vacation, it’s time for my traditional update on baby Griffin…..


How far along: 21 weeks; officially over halfway (at least I hope)

Maternity Clothes:  I’ve been wearing my maternity jeans a little more often, but mostly because they are just so comfortable; otherwise I’ve been wearing my usual workout clothes.  The nice thing about yoga pants and tank tops are that they’re stretchy!  I’ll admit that I really enjoyed the warm weather on the cruise though, because it gave me a chance to wear some of my spring dresses, and those are the most comfortable.

Cravings:  I still haven’t had any real true cravings, at least compared to what I hear other women talk about when it comes to food.  I’ve determined though that I shouldn’t be allowed to go to the grocery store by myself.  I always end up walking past something and thinking, “oh, I need that.”  In all fairness though, my husband does the exact same thing and he’s not even pregnant.  I did end up buying some bread, peanut butter, and grape jelly when I went to the store on Monday, because for some reason a PB&J sandwich sounded like heaven; however I have yet to make one.  I’ve only made peanut butter toast and now I had Jeff hide the peanut butter so I won’t eat it all.  Pregnant or not, peanut butter is a weakness of mine.

Missing:  I’m missing my usual energy levels this week.  It’s been a little overcast some days and when the weather is like this I seem to drag a bit.  I also miss my normal workouts.  I didn’t work out at all last week, and because my leg has been bothering me slightly I haven’t worked out too much this week either.  I did make it to the gym this morning though, and also got in close to an hour on my treadmill, so hopefully it will pick back up now.  I really want to get back to running though and I miss being able to do my heavy weightlifting.

Nesting:  I’ve always heard people mention a phase during pregnancy called ‘nesting’ and I swear that I must have entered into it this week.  I’m on cleaning and organizing overload.  So far I’ve completely gutted and organized our pantry (my husband was like, where did all the food go?), I dusted all the kitchen shelves, wine bottles, and even hand washed all the wine and speciality glasses that we keep on display.  I also started organizing the kitchen cabinets and my closet.  I had to stop though because I need to go to IKEA this weekend and get some things to help me organize better.  I plan to pick up some storage boxes, baskets, drawer organizers, etc.  When Jeff gets home on Monday, he’ll be so surprised with how clean this house is.

Feeling the love:  I just have to brag for a minute and say that Jeff and I have such a wonderful group of friends and a loving family!  Griffin isn’t even born yet and I already feel like he’s spoiled, but in such a good way.  Numerous friends of ours have offered to host baby showers, my sisters have bought, or made quite a few personal gifts, and my mother crocheted us the most beautiful baby blanket!  We are so blessed.




Well that’s enough about me, I hope that everyone else’s week has been a good one, and I look forward to seeing some of you in the gym and hearing what you’ve been up to!


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