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I’ve officially made it to my third trimester!!!

Update time….

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How Far Along: 28 weeks

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I thought I had a stomach at 18 weeks. Lol…

Cravings: I sadly gave into a craving or two this past week.  It’s not completely my fault though, because someone on the message boards I read, posted something about donuts and that was it.  After I saw that, I had to have one, or two, or maybe three (donut holes, and just one regular donut).  Jeff’s office also threw us a baby shower and they special ordered cupcakes, so I may have had a few of those as well.  I am currently on a sugar detox.  Especially seeing I never got back my glucose results from my test last week.  I figure that no news is good news!

Exercise/Fitness:  It’s honestly been one of those not so good weeks; which I hate.  What I mean by this is that I’ve only made it to the gym once this week, other than to train; but I’ve tried my hardest to keep at it and have put myself through some great circuit training workouts at home.  However, the past two/three days I haven’t been feeling the best.  I’m typically one who lives by the saying “no excuses”, but when I put on my heart rate monitor Tuesday, my RHR was already at 110, which is high.  Then, when I tried to do something simple, it jumped up to 157.  I think it goes without saying, that for health reasons, I decided to stop working out.  I thought that this was just an isolated occurance, but this morning, while I was training a friend, and just standing there, my RHR skyrocketed to 142 and when I sat down it was still around 110.  In addition to my sporadic high heart rate, I think I may be suffering a little bit from restless leg syndrome.  The reason I say this is because my legs have been getting a slight tingly sensation, which has made working out a challenge.  Hopefully these things will pass soon.  I hate being limited, but I only have a little while left!

To be safe though, I called my OBGYN, who informed me what even for pregnancy, this is not normal.  I now have an appointment to go see a regular doctor due to the fact that there could be some underlying heart issues.  What a great start to my Thursday.

What’s Next:  Besides my abrupt new doctors appointment Jeff and I are signed up to go take a tour of the labor and delivery unit at the hospital this Saturday morning.  I’m hoping that this will ease some of the nervousness I feel toward giving birth.

I’m also in the process of searching for and buying a new car.  I think I finally found one that will be good for about 2-3 years and then Jeff promises me that I can get an amazing new mustang!  I really want the 2015 limited edition 50th anniversary mustang with the cashmere interior package.  For now, I will drive a ford focus titanium.  It still has a sporty looking interior, which I love, it just doesn’t have the power of my mustang.

That’s all I have for now, I should be off anyway, so I can make my appointment.  I hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to seeing some of you at the gym.  “Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.”

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Sorry this is a few days late, but my weekend became a little more hectic then I planned.  As the saying goes though, ‘better late than never.’  So, as I promised in my last post, here are the details of my meal prep for the week.

The main reason that I decided to start prepping meals is to help keep me on track throughout the rest of this pregnancy and beyond.  Plus, I want to make sure that I’m eating as healthy as I can.  In all honesty though, no one is perfect and I know I may stray from it a little, especially every now and again when a craving strikes (like this weekend, when I just had to have a donut or two).

I’m always seeing things online though, about people who prep their meals, and I find myself thinking that it looks like such a great idea!  And let me tell you, it is!  It has made dinners so easy on me for the past few days.  And not only dinners, but also snacks!  However, after having some time to eat the food now; I realize that when I prep my meals later this week, there are some things I’ll do differently.

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1.  I filled up my little snack bowls with about a cup of fuits and veggies and after snacking on them, I discovered that it was wayyyyy too much!  I think I’ll switch my measurements to 1/2 cup serving size.

2.  I also need to season my chicken and turkey when I cook it, instead of adding seasoning to it before I reheat it.

3.  I will also skip the sweet potatoes.  I typically love sweet potato casserole, especially during the holidays (when it’s loaded with all the things that are unhealthy), but when they are being served plain and reheated, they’re just not good.  I personally will stick to other vegetables.

So, here’s what I prepped this past week:

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  • Chicken
  • Ground Turkey (99%fat free)
  • spahetti squash (my favorite!)
  • Roasted aspargus
  • sweet potatoes
  • steamed broccoli
  • chopped zucchini (raw)
  • chopped broccoli (raw)
  • Cubed watermelon
  • sliced strawberries
  • mandarin oranges
  • hard boiled eggs
  • chopped kale

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Yay!  The end of second trimester is finally here.  I’m really getting anxious to see what Griffin looks like, especially seeing two of my friends just had babies this week and I got to see their pictures.

Update Time….

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How Far Along: 27 weeks

Clothing:  I’ve definitely been wearing maternity clothes now, at least when I’m not in my gym attire.  I also ended up buying a few more summer dresses, mostly because the maxi dresses I already own are size XS, and they just don’t look good when I put them on.  I really want to purchase at least one more article of clothing, a pair of workout pants.  Mostly because I’ve been wearing my favorite pair of Lululemon pants, which still fit, but I’m afraid I might be starting to stretch them out.

Missing:  Strawberry daiquiri’s.  I’m usually not a drinker, at all, but Jeff’s cousins were in town this past weekend and it was so nice outside that we grilled out and made drinks.  It’s kind of like that saying goes….’You always want what you can’t have.’  Knowing that I couldn’t even have a sip, just made me want it even more.  Either way, we all had a great time and even played a few lawn games including a giant outdoor Jenga.

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Exercise/health:  I’m so excited that I was finally able to make it back to the gym this week.  I’ve gone everyday, except for Monday, but I worked out at home instead, so it’s ok.  I’ve also been working hard to challenge myself this week, and Jeff too.  For example, yesterday was arm day, and today, just even trying to jump rope, I could feel the soreness.  I’m not complaining though, because I love whenever I’m sore!  It helps me see what a great workout I completed.  In addition to being physically active at the gym, I’ve also been trying to use my treadmill.  I’ve had to take down the incline even more though (20 degrees now) and only end up walking for about 20 minutes, mostly because I tire out quickly.

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Doctor’s:  I also had another doctor appointment this week, which was in order for them to test my glucose levels.  Every pregnant women needs to undergo this test just to make sure that they don’t have gestational diabetes.  (Even the healthiest person can be diagnosed with this during pregnancy). Usually this test is only an hour, but seeing that so many women fail the hour (not really sure why) my doctors office goes straight to the three hour test.  This meant that I had to go in on Tuesday morning and get blood drawn.  Then I had to drink a small beverage, containing 75 grams of sugar, wait an hour, had my blood drawn again, waited another hour, and then had my blood drawn for the last time.  It wouldn’t have been that bad, but I have tricky veins, so instead of being stuck with a needle 3 times, I was pricked 5, with some painful needle turns thrown in there.  And not only did I have blood drawn, but I also had a doctors appointment between my lab work where I ended up getting my RH shot.  It was given to me right between the back part of my butt and hip.  I didn’t catch a break on Tuesday morning, but I’m glad that it’s over with, at least for now; I’ll need to get one more of those shots at birth.  The needle was quite large too and if you don’t believe me, google it.  Lol….At least it wasn’t too painful.

Food:  Now that all my vacations are over, and family has left, I feel like I can finally get back into my normal eating routine.  I kind of fell off the bandwagon for the past 2.5-3 weeks, but I’m ready to dive in and eat healthy again.  Mostly because I like how eating well makes me feel, but I also want to make sure that I don’t end up gaining a lot of weight this last trimester.  Therefore, I decided to start prepping some meals.  Yesterday afternoon was quite busy and I cooked a whole bunch of things and got it all set up/organized.  I plan to write another post here, in just a bit, or tomorrow, going through what I prepped for the week.  My goal is to continue this for the rest of my pregnancy.

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What’s Next:  I really have to start knocking out my list of things to get done because I’m running out of time.  I have 13 weeks left, that’s 91 days, and that’s if Griffin doesn’t come early, which I’m kind of hoping he will.  (At least a week or two early would be good with me)  I just really, really, really, don’t want to go past my due date.  I also have another shower coming up tomorrow.  The people at Jeff’s office are so sweet and want hold a luncheon for us.  I also want to work on Griffin’s closet this weekend.  We plan to put in some built in shelves.  In addition to this we also need to go test drive some vehicles.  I sadly need to trade in my mustang for a car that will be able to hold an infant carrier/car seat.  My two top choices are a Ford Escape or a Nissan Murano.

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I’m not really a fan of these pictures anymore, but I do love knowing that Griffin is growing, so the stomach is worth it!


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I’m officially back from my vacation, and have no more travel plans for before baby Griffin arrives.  I had a wonderful trip up to Michigan though and was fortunate enough to get to visit with many close friends and family members.  Even my mom flew in from Las Vegas, so she could be there with me.

Here’s a little about my trip:  I arrived in Michigan on Thursday, March 26th and stayed with my best friend/sister from another mother Christina.  We have known each other for almost 30 years now and both her mom and her were very sweet and hosted a lovely baby shower for me on that Saturday.  It was really nice because they invited everyone that we grew up with.

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It was so nice to catch up with everyone and see what’s going on in their lives.  I ended up staying at Christina’s house until that Monday, when I packed up my belongings and drove to stay at my grandmas (who literally lives 5 minutes down the road).  My mom was also staying there, so it was just the girls, which was fun!

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On Thursday, the start of my week 25, Jeff flew into Grand Rapids and my mom, Rachel (a friend), and I picked him up.  We then drove over to his parents house, near Lansing, where we dropped off Rachel’s car and then continued on to Detriot to catch a Red Wings hockey game!

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After that, on Saturday, April 4th, Jeff’s Aunt Phyllis and his mom were very thoughtful and hosted another baby shower for me.  This one was mostly Jeff’s family (except for my mom, grandma, and Christina) and was also very nice.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life who want to help us celebrate Griffin!

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On Sunday, April 5th, we loaded up Jeff’s car and drove back to North Carolina.  Since then, I’ve been in the process of unpacking and cleaning.  It really seems like a never ending cycle.  Part of me wanted to procrastinate but I had to get it done because Jeff’s cousins, Katie and Lauren, arrived at our house last night.  It’s Lauren’s spring break, and they are staying with us until Sunday.  Should be good times!

Well, that’s enough about Michigan, so let me give you a quick pregnancy update:

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How Far Along: 26 weeks today!!!

Cravings:  I feel pretty lucky that I haven’t had any serious/weird pregnancy cravings.  Not that he’s mentioned it, but I’m sure that Jeff likes it too mostly because that means I haven’t been one of those ladies you hear about that sends her husband out at all hours to get her food.  Other than wanting more sweets at times, (which I know I should avoid) my eating habits have pretty much stayed the same.

Exercise/Fitness:  Sadly I took a little step back this past week.  It’s already difficult to workout when you are traveling, but add in a colder climate, and not packing the right clothes to go run outdoors in, makes it really difficult.  I did however get in a few indoor workouts and Rachel even took me to the gym one day while I was staying at my grandma’s house.  Now that I’m home though, I’ve been working out/running again and am even doing a squat challenge every day.  I just haven’t been in to the actual gym for my workouts.  I have gone to train though.  Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow.

What’s next?:  I have my glucose tolerance test at the doctors office next week, and I’m really not looking forward to that.  I’m not allowed to eat after midnight and when I go in for the appointment I have to drink this flat soda type beverage that contains 50 grams of sugar.  Yuck!  After I drink it I have to wait an hour before they will run a blood test to see what my sugar levels are at.  They do that a total of 3 times, which means that it’s a 3 hour test.  Yes, you heard correct, I have to sit at the doctors office for 3 hours.

Also on my to do list next week is to start looking at new cars.  I was so sad when I got home from Michigan and realized that an infant carrier would not fit in my car; which means that I have to trade in my mustang.  It definitely has been so good to me thorughout the years, but Jeff promises that if we find a decent car for now, that will get me by, then in a few years I can get a brand new mustang again, with all the upgrades!  Sounds good to me!

Sorry that this weeks update is kind of short, but I have company in town, so I’d better get going!  I hope that everyone has an excellent week and hopefully I’ll see some of you at the gym.

Heres an update photo from last week:

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