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I’m not sure how you feel, but this past week definitely seemed long to me.  For awhile time was going by so fast but this week it just seemed to come to a screeching halt.  I did have quite a bit going on though and wasn’t able to update with more posts like I wanted to.

Update Time!

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How Far Along: 23 weeks

Maternity Clothes:  Quite frankly, I haven’t been feeling too confident lately whenever I go to put on clothes that I don’t wear for working out.  Due to this, I finally caved and went to the mall to do some shopping.  I ended up buying eight maternity tops and ordered a pair of jeans that I wanted.  All of that should cover me for the rest of this pregnancy; or at least I hope so.  I do know that I want to buy at least another dress or two for some baby showers that I have coming up in late April/early May, but those are the only other articles of clothing I plan to buy.

Highs/Lows of the week:  I usually only have highlights to share from my week, but not everything that’s happened this week was good.  I’m sad to say that I lost my grandma on Tuesday afternoon.  Her breathing was shallow when she went down for a nap, and she just never woke up.  As sad as it is to lose anyone we love or know, I’m glad that she didn’t suffer and went peacefully in her sleep.

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Now that I’ve set a mood of sadness and probably brought you down a little, let’s try to reverse it because not everything this past week was bad.  I did have quite a few highs, or good things that happened.  For one, Jeff and I went this past weekend and picked out almost all of our baby furniture for the nursery and then we began to set it up.  Everything is slowly starting to come along, but I know that I still have a lot more to do.  Here are a few pictures though, just don’t judge, because it’s a little messy and I have some things to hang and organize.  I also have a cover to go over the stars cord that matches the wall color, so you won’t be able to see it.

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Another high from the week is that I felt a few real kicks from Griffin.  I keep expecting more now, but he is apparently stubborn.  I can’t wait for the day that Jeff can feel them too.  I know that he wants to.

Exercise:  Yay!!!  My treadmill is finally fixed again which means that I can, and have been walking on it at my usual incline!  I just hate that I’ve been tiring out a lot quicker these days.  I’ve also made it to the gym at least 3 out of 5 mornings and even went in this past Sunday for a great extra workout.  Running, at least this week, has seemed a bit challenging.  My legs have been tiring quickly, but hopefully I’ll get back into it.

Cravings:  I’ve still really been craving pizza, especially a Hawaiian pizza!  Yummy!  Well, I kind of caved yesterday.  I didn’t order a pizza, but I did make a Hawaiian pizza at home.  I kept it healthy though and made it with a homemade cauliflower crust.  It was under 400 calories for my whole pizza!

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I’ve also been craving sweets and chocolate, so here’s a picture of the snacks I use to fulfill those cravings when they hit.  I’m trying my best to be good.

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What’s Next?:  Jeff and I have an incredibly busy weekend ahead of us.  Pretty much all day tomorrow we will be in attendance at the 4 March Madness NCAA basketball tournaments that are being held here in Charlotte.  It should be a great time, and as a bonus we get to watch them all from the comfort of a suite.  After that, we plan to continue working on the nursery.  On Saturday, we a couple of items that we want to go out to IKEA and pick up.  (I love that we only live about 20 minutes away from an IKEA!)  We also have one or two small projects that we plan to design.  All of these things are going to make for a busy weekend, but it’ll definitely be fun.  These things have to get done too, because the following two weekends I’ll be up in Michigan visiting family and friends.

Hopefully everyone is having a great and productive week!  I love keeping up with everyone and hearing what you’ve been up to; both in your everyday life and with your current fitness routine.  I’ve been posting more on my Instagram lately, so if you would like to friend me, I’ll make sure to accept. My username is jamielu27.

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Griffin is finally starting to show more.  Honestly, I’m not a fan of a growing belly, but I know it will all be worth it.  I’m a little uncomfortable showing my stomach now, but it’s life, and I already started showing it awhile ago and feel it should continue.

Enjoy your week!


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Wow!  It started to hit me yesterday that I only have 17 weeks left!  To some of you, 17 weeks may sound like a lot of time, but I’m a big time planner and I feel that I have so much to do….. I’ll share my list in a minute, but let’s start from the top.

Update Time:

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How far along: 22 weeks

Clothing:  With the weather finally starting to warm up, at least for this past week, I’ve been able to wear some of my comfy dresses.  It looks like starting today or tomorrow though, I might have to go back to my maternity jeans.  I also had a slight clothing dilemma this week (well truth be told, pretty much every week), but every time I go into a store, I always seem to find a cute, regular size top that I really want.  I know that they won’t fit me right now, but I just keep thinking that it will one day.  For the most part though I’ve been pretty good and don’t buy them.  However, I happened to be at my favorite store, Lululemon, this week and ended up buying a pair of running leggings in my usually size.  I didn’t want to buy a larger size and have them fit me now, because then once I lose the baby weight I couldn’t wear them anymore and felt that it would be a waste of money.  I look at my new purchase this way….it will be a part of my motivation to lose the weight more quickly.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lululemon, the thing about them is that their patterns are constantly changing and sell out incredibly fast.  If I didn’t get the running leggings now, I knew I  never would; which is why I went into the store.  Plus, I may have a slight addiction.  It seriously is the best workout apparel!

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The shirt and running pants aren’t going to be worn together

Missing:  COFFEE…….I went out for coffee with a good friend this week, and of course got a decaf, but I miss my usual cup, or two, or three, of coffee.  And the coffee house never smelled so good!  My nose seems to be picking up the fragrant aroma everywhere too.  I absolutely love the smell of it!  I sense it at the grocery store, my house (my husband still drinks it), when I go places like target (they have a Starbucks), different restaurants, and even if a salesclerk somewhere happens to be drinking it and has it sitting off to the side.  It’s really been teasing me lately.

I’ve also been missing my memory this week.  I always laughed when friends would say they had “pregnancy brain”, because I always just thought it was an excuse for being late or forgetting something; however this week I’m really starting to discover that it’s for real.  For one thing my days have been completely off.  I woke up Monday and REALLY did think it was Friday, and then on Wednesday I thought it was Monday.  The worst though was when I went for coffee with my friend Sara.  She came to my house to pick me up and I decided to go out through the garage (we have one of those code boxes).  I ended up punching in my “code” and tried to close the door at least 10 or more times before I finally gave up, went to my car, and just took out the remote.  For the life of me I couldn’t remember how to close my garage door.  Sara just laughed and I had to too.  How pathetic!

Cravings:  I realized this week that I’ve been incorrect in my other posts.  I have had one REALLY strong craving every week throughout this pregnancy, and that’s pizza!  All that I want is pizza, and everytime a commercial for it plays it’s agony.  The reason I forget about it, or have never mentioned it, is because I haven’t given into that craving.  I’m feel I’m getting weaker though, but am trying my best to stay strong.  So others then pizza, I haven’t had any food cravings this week.  For some reason I actually haven’t been very hungry at all this past week, and eating has been more of a forced thing.  My stomach has been feeling really full but I tell myself that it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten, so I need to eat something.  Once I actually start eating though, I realize I want food, and eat quite a bit, but it’s the full feeling beforehand that makes me not want to.  It’s strange and I’ve really been trying my best to make healthy choices.

Health/Exercise:  Well it happened again.  I broke my second treadmill in just over 6 years.  Last time it couldn’t be fixed though, because I burnt out the motor, so Nordictrack sent me a brand new treadmill for next to nothing.  It was great!  This time the handle bar broke, so they are sending me a replacement piece.  I do have a nice little bruise on my arm though, curtesy of the wall.  I’m still not sure exactly how it happened either because the piece looks like it’s made of concrete.  I do use my treadmill a lot though, at least compared to most people I know.

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Other than the treadmill I’ve also been working out at the gym a lot more and starting to increase my intensity again.  I know some of my family/friends worry a bit, but I just remind them that this is my job and that I know what I’m doing, plus what I’m physically capable of.  In addition to this, my doctor is fine with the way I workout.

Movement:  I’m starting to wonder if Griffin is ever going to really move in there?  Just my luck, he appears to be a stubborn baby already.  No, I’m totally just joking.  It’s strange though, how much you can already love someone you’ve never met.  I will say that I’ve felt little butterfly like movements a few times, but they never last long, not even a minute.  I just wish I could feel an actual kick or two, and I know that Jeff is becoming excited to feel something.  Hopefully soon!

Highlights of the week:  I started working on things for the nursery a little bit, while Jeff was out of town.  It was fun and kept me busy.  I ended up making some crates to store books or toys, and also painted some whale art.  If you don’t already know this about me, I love to be creative and have a few more ideas of things I plan to make for Griffin’s room.

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I also received my first baby present in the mail!  My mom and dad were so nice and bought us our BOB Flex Revolution Jogging stroller that we registered for.  I can’t wait to get outdoors and run with Griffin.  He will definitely grow up in a physical active environment and know his way around a gym!

What’s next:  Oh my goodness, I’m starting to freak out a little.  I still have so much to do and only 17 weeks left!  Here’s what’s on my list.  Some of it I can get done thorughout the week, but what’s stressing me out is that the things I have to do with Jeff can only be done on the weekends and I will be in Michigan for 2 of them, so really that only gives me 15 weekends, assuming Griffin doesn’t come early.  Plus we have some visitors coming over 2 other weekends (which I’m excited about) so that really knocks it down to 13.  Agh! Time is running out.

  • 1. Buy baby furniture
  • 2. Set up nursery
  • 3. Design and arrange nursery closet
  • 4. Tour hospital
  • 5. Take infant first aid/CPR class (I already have mine for personal training, but I told jeff I’d go with him
  • 6. Attend birthing class (haven’t officially decided if I want to)
  • 7. Attend a breast feeding class
  • 8. Organize kitchen
  • 9. Get carpets cleaned
  • 10. Read my parenting books
  • etc…..

I know that everything will eventually get done, but I have to keep reminding myself that if it doesn’t, it will be ok.

I guess that’s really all there is for this weeks update, however I’ll be checking back in next week, and will hopefully post a few things in between.

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No Excuses!  That’s my motto and I’ve pushed myself through quite a few obstacles.

I know that some days are definitely easier to get things done then others, but if every day were the same, life would get boring.  I honestly believe that it’s during those challenging days when we discover what we’re really made of.

With that being said, I hope that everyone’s workouts have been going well over the past few days.  I know that with day lights savings time it may have made working out a little more of a challenge, especially for us morning workout folks, but hopefully you still got one in.  I managed to get complete a short run yesterday, before my knee started bothering me a little, and was also able to make it to the gym this morning for an excellent all body workout.  Here’s a glimpse at a few things I did, but there was actually a lot more to it.

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I plan to walk on my treadmill later too (for some additional cardio), or would actually like to get outside for a walk; just as long as it’s not raining.  Buffy, my little yorkie, always likes to go with me.  She eventually gives up though and I end up carrying her, but that’s mostly because her little legs won’t make it the whole way.  At least she tires and I don’t mind carrying her, she’s only  about 8 lbs.

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I’m not sure where everyone who reads my blog lives, but I must admit that I’ve been enjoying the awesome weather that’s been around my home this past week!  I love being able to get outside and not freeze.

Enjoy your day and try to get in some form of physical fitness.  Even a 10 minute walk is better then nothing!  You can do it!

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I’m not sure if anyone else ever experiences this, but each time that I get back from a vacation it always seems to take a few days to get back into the normal swing of things, and this week is definitely no different.  It’s been filled with a lot of laundry, errands, and cleaning.  I’ve also been trying to get back into my normal workout routine, but unfortunately have been experiencing a little bit of leg pain, and have therefore been taking it somewhat easy.  Thankfully I think that it’s finally starting to feel better, so hopefully I’ll be back to running some tomorrow.

Now that I’m no longer on vacation, it’s time for my traditional update on baby Griffin…..

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How far along: 21 weeks; officially over halfway (at least I hope)

Maternity Clothes:  I’ve been wearing my maternity jeans a little more often, but mostly because they are just so comfortable; otherwise I’ve been wearing my usual workout clothes.  The nice thing about yoga pants and tank tops are that they’re stretchy!  I’ll admit that I really enjoyed the warm weather on the cruise though, because it gave me a chance to wear some of my spring dresses, and those are the most comfortable.

Cravings:  I still haven’t had any real true cravings, at least compared to what I hear other women talk about when it comes to food.  I’ve determined though that I shouldn’t be allowed to go to the grocery store by myself.  I always end up walking past something and thinking, “oh, I need that.”  In all fairness though, my husband does the exact same thing and he’s not even pregnant.  I did end up buying some bread, peanut butter, and grape jelly when I went to the store on Monday, because for some reason a PB&J sandwich sounded like heaven; however I have yet to make one.  I’ve only made peanut butter toast and now I had Jeff hide the peanut butter so I won’t eat it all.  Pregnant or not, peanut butter is a weakness of mine.

Missing:  I’m missing my usual energy levels this week.  It’s been a little overcast some days and when the weather is like this I seem to drag a bit.  I also miss my normal workouts.  I didn’t work out at all last week, and because my leg has been bothering me slightly I haven’t worked out too much this week either.  I did make it to the gym this morning though, and also got in close to an hour on my treadmill, so hopefully it will pick back up now.  I really want to get back to running though and I miss being able to do my heavy weightlifting.

Nesting:  I’ve always heard people mention a phase during pregnancy called ‘nesting’ and I swear that I must have entered into it this week.  I’m on cleaning and organizing overload.  So far I’ve completely gutted and organized our pantry (my husband was like, where did all the food go?), I dusted all the kitchen shelves, wine bottles, and even hand washed all the wine and speciality glasses that we keep on display.  I also started organizing the kitchen cabinets and my closet.  I had to stop though because I need to go to IKEA this weekend and get some things to help me organize better.  I plan to pick up some storage boxes, baskets, drawer organizers, etc.  When Jeff gets home on Monday, he’ll be so surprised with how clean this house is.

Feeling the love:  I just have to brag for a minute and say that Jeff and I have such a wonderful group of friends and a loving family!  Griffin isn’t even born yet and I already feel like he’s spoiled, but in such a good way.  Numerous friends of ours have offered to host baby showers, my sisters have bought, or made quite a few personal gifts, and my mother crocheted us the most beautiful baby blanket!  We are so blessed.

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Well that’s enough about me, I hope that everyone else’s week has been a good one, and I look forward to seeing some of you in the gym and hearing what you’ve been up to!


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Jeff and I just got back from a fantastic 7-night cruise that took us to the tropical locations of Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Castaway Cay.  Apparently we couldn’t have asked for a better week to go either, because the weather reports showed that it apparently snowed here in North Carolina, yet we were getting to experience some wonderful 80 degree and sunny weather.

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Everything about our vacation wasn’t smooth sailing though (pun intended) and unfortunately Jeff and I had a rocky start to our trip.  We were actually part of the 1% of people that happen to catch the Norovirus on cruise ships.  It wasn’t too bad though, however we were quarantined for 24 hours.  Luckily for us it hit during the night, and we only missed being able to leave our room on a sea day.  I wouldn’t say we really missed it either, because we slept ALL day.  I probably needed the rest anyway, and was able to use it to recover from my 1/2 marathon the day before.  Once Tuesday morning rolled around though, we were perfectly fine.  The only down side to being ill was that it messed up my workout routine, and because my stomach was kind of feeling funny all week, I ended up not working out at all for the entire trip.  For me that’s a big deal, but I suppose everyone deserves a break.

Just because we didn’t run or go to the gym doesn’t mean we were lazy.  We actually managed to get in a good amount of physical activity, especially during our port adventures.  In Cozumel we walked around, explored the Mayan ruins, and stopped at the beach.

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In Grand Cayman we kind of took it easy and walked the streets, went to some shops, and visited the beach.

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Jamaica was also a lot of fun and I faced my fears by actually being brave and going down into some caves.  Jeff and I haven’t been to Jamaica since our honeymoon 10 years ago, so it was exciting to be back!

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When we were at Castaway Cay we chose to relax by the beach and when we got tired of that we decided to walk around the island and out to the observation tower, which was easily over 4 miles total.  At least there were fun things to see along the way, and we tried not get get run over by the people who were riding bikes; especially the kids.

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In addition to the physical activity that we got on our port adventures we also liked to take the stairs onboard the ship.  (Except for the first few days because my muscles were still sore from the race and wouldn’t allow me to climb)

All in all Jeff and I had a great time sailing around the Caribbean and it was a wonderful way to celebrate week 20, (my halfway point) in my pregnancy.  Another bonus to our vacation is that my sister Shannon, actually works onboard the cruise ship, so we got to spend quite a bit of time with her too.

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I can’t believe how fast last week/weekend went, yet it still seems like forever since I’ve been able to share what’s been going on in my life.

Where to begin???

On Friday, February 21st Jeff and I packed up our car and drove to Orlando, Florida, so that I could take part in the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon; my first 1/2 marathon ever!  The race was scheduled for the morning of Sunday the 22nd, which was nice because that gave us a day to just relax and enjoy Orlando.

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On Saturday morning we got up early and went to pick up my bib number and race information.  After that we decided to kill some time at the outlet malls and then we met up with a good friend of mine from high school and all played miniature golf at Fantasia Gardens.  We had a great afternoon and the weather was perfect outside, especially seeing when we left North Carolina it was about 15 degrees.

Sunday morning came rather quickly, and Jeff and I had to wake up at 2:45 a.m.  The reason for this was because we needed to be outside Epcot around 4:00 a.m in order to make sure that we had time to park the car and get to my starting corral by 5:30 a.m.  I think it goes without saying that some runners looked incredibly tired, but at least they were there.  Luckily for me, I’m a morning person and other racers were quite entertaining.

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If you’ve ever thought about doing a Disney race, you definitely should!  People dress up in costume and everyone is so friendly!  There are runners of all kinds there as well.  You have people who are serious and want to do there best, and you have people who just want to take it easy, run through the parks, and take pictures with the characters along the way.

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Fireworks go off at the start of every corral!

Typically I try to do my best, but I knew going into this run that it would be different.  For one thing, I’ve never run a 1/2 marathon before, and for another, I was just over 19 weeks pregnant.  To help mentally prepare for this run, I knew that I’d have to slow my pace down, drink more water at the water stops, and probably have to use the bathroom once or twice.  I was right on all counts and even with the obstacles I faced, I managed to finish with a time of 2:27:24.  It might not have been what I was originally hoping for, but it’s not too bad!  I actually ended up placing 3,933 out of 20,215 runners who took part in the race.  After I calculated the results, I discovered that that’s within the top 25% of runners, and I’m incredibly proud of that. I’m even panning to sign up for my next 1/2 marathon in January 2016.  It will just be something else to help me get back into shape after baby Griffin arrives!

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