Make Yourself Proud

I can’t believe that it’s already Thursday!  Not only that, but it’s also the end of October!  Is it just me, or does it seem that the older we become, the faster the year goes by?  Before we know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here.  This is fine by me because I absolutely love the holiday season, especially Christmas!

Anyway……Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves.  I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted something to my blog, but I’d really love to read some comments about what you’ve been up to this week, in order to make yourself proud.  To get you started, here’s a breakdown of my week so far:

  • Monday – Treadmill Incline for 1.5 hours, thigh challenge
  • Tuesday – Gym (cardio and weights), thigh challenge
  • Wednesday – Gym (cardio and weights) , treadmill incline for 1.5 hours, 3 mile run, thigh challenge
  • Thursday – Gym (heavy weight training), and later I plan to use my treadmill and run again

If you’re wondering what the ‘thigh challenge’ is, it’s a series of thigh exercises (squats, lunges, squat pulses, etc.) that some friends of mine and I have been doing throughout the month of October.  Currently, I have a new routine planned for the month of November, so if you’d like to join in, here it is:1622231_10205248449117279_7376026951401061587_nThis challenge will also be available under “workouts”, so that you don’t have to keep coming back to this post to view it.

It’s never too late to workout, so if you haven’t exercised at all this week, don’t feel discouraged, there’s still time.  Never give up, you’re worth it!

Wedding Weekend Fun!


After a wonderful weekend (almost week), filled with travel, hockey (that’s right, I’m a Red Wings fan), family, and a wedding, I have to say that it’s very relaxing to be home!  I’m definitely the type of person who enjoys getting back into my normal routine and going back to work.  It might have taken me a day or so to readjust to things, but I did.

For anyone who’s interested, let me share a little bit about my weekend; which did include some physical activity.  Hopefully you were all able to get a little in too!

Our friend is opening a brewery in Grand Rapids,10153638_10205147222906687_8962590665872395089_nand I love a good squat challenge!  I also did some running.

Now, back to my week.  It really all began last Wednesday, when Jeff and I packed up and flew to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The reason we were heading up North was to celebrate his older brother’s wedding.  The weather may have been a little chilly at times, but the wedding itself was beautiful, and I wish Greg and Lori a lifetime of happiness.  We also really enjoyed being able to see family and friends at the wedding that we haven’t seen in quite some time; mostly due to living so far away.

I’m sure that everybody says this, but our trip went by extremely fast.  Most of this had to do with the fact that we were both involved with the wedding.  Jeff was the best man, and I made the wedding cake.  Believe it our not, one of my hobbies is actually baking cakes for people.  I’m very aware that personal training kind of contradicts this hobby, but what can I say, it’s something I love to do.


Now that I’ve tempted you with a picture of my most recent cake, I’ll say that I hope to see some of you at the gym very soon!

No Excuses

Oh my gosh!  Is it just me, or did the weekend fly by?  I can’t believe how quickly it came and went!  It’s like I blinked, and before I knew what happened, it was Monday.

Hopefully you were all able to get in some form of physical activity over the past 3 days.  Personally, I went for a few early morning runs outside, walked through pit row and the garages at a NASCAR race, and did my lunges, squats, etc.


While at home, I tried my best to find quiet workouts to do, or things that would get me out of the house, because I had family in town and didn’t want to wake them up (my in home gym is next to the guest bedroom).  Once exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle and daily routine though, things like taking vacations and having company over won’t stop you from working out.  In fact, I don’t feel like myself if I don’t do something physically active each day.

With all that being said, I’m off to do my workout for the day!  I hope to see some of you at the gym!

Weekend Warrior

The weekend is officially here, could it get any better?  I know that for almost everyone out there the weekend means a time to relax and unwind from our hectic lives.  However, the weekend can also be a little scary for some.  The reason I use the word scary is because it’s the time people seem to give in the most and revert back to old habits.  Let me clarify this for you.  During the work week, people get into their routines, making it easy for them to stay on track and meet their goals; but, on the weekends there seems to be a lot of unpredictability.  For example….if you’re out running errands, it’s so easy to just want to go pick up fast food for lunch, or go to the bar or out to eat with friends.  There’s nothing wrong with doing any of these things, it’s great to socialize, you just have to keep in mind what you want and make good choices.  Stay strong and surround yourself with people who want to help you achieve your goals!

Great Time to Start Working Out!

I’ve officially begun working at Xtreme Fitness, in Cornelius, NC, and am very excited to be there!  Not only is it a great looking and clean facility, but it also has every piece of equipment, that one would need, in order to get into shape.

With the holidays right around the corner too, there’s no better time to begin transforming your body and developing those good habits that you hear all about.  Far too often, especially around this time of year, I listen to people talking about all the “holiday” weight they gain.  Know right now, that you don’t have to be one of those people.  I completely understand that “holiday” food is delicious, I’ve been there myself, but bare in mind you don’t need to overindulge.  What this means is that some is better than none, and definitely better than too much.  Learning how to eat in moderation is just another part of choosing to live an active and healthy lifestyle and there are many people out there that can help guide you in this area.  All this is why it’s important to jump start your success.  Many people wait to the beginning of the new year before deciding that they want to become healthy; but really it’s right now that you want to get started.  Fitness needs to become a part of your daily routine in order for it to be successful!

If you’re interested in working out, but might be hesitant about going to a gym, please still feel free to contact me.  I’m willing, and look forward to helping you out as best as I can.

Wild Weekend in West Virginia

What a great, but cold weekend!

1604900_10205052350014924_1921911552976196630_nThe reason that there hasn’t been a recent post in a few days is because my husband, Jeff, some friends of ours, and myself have been up in the mountains of West Virginia white water rafting, camping, and hiking.  It’s always so nice to experience a change of scenery and to be able to get outdoors and truly appreciate nature.  It’s also helpful to know that not all forms of exercise need to be done in a gym, using weights or machines.  You can learn to use whatever is around at the time, which is exactly what I did this past weekend.


Every year, including this one, we set up our camp down in the New River Gorge and go without running water or electricity for 3 days.  My exercises, for the weekend, came in the form of paddling the raft, hiking, lifting rocks, attempting to chop wood, and of course doing my squats and lunges; which I do daily.


So, just remember that nature is as good of a place as any to get in a great workout!



Physical Activity

It’s such a beautiful morning outside today, at least here in Davidson, NC, and hopefully wherever you might be too!  Ok, this leads me to a question; is it just me, or is Fall weather perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying some physical activity?  Personally, I like to go for runs, but no matter how intense you’re feeling, moving around is better than sitting still.  I completely understand if you’re stuck in an office, it is Wednesday, however, if you’re internally motivated, you could go outside during your lunch break and take a short walk.  Maybe you could even convince a friend to go with you!  Doing this will not only provide a light to moderate amount of exercise, but will most likely help you feel rejuvenated from all the fresh air you’ll get.  No matter what you decide to do today, enjoy some type of physical activity!