ACSM Certified!

I’d like to briefly share a little bit of information about how I came to be an ACSM certified personal trainer.

My passion and journey into fitness originally started about 6-7 years ago, when a co-worker of mine began losing weight.  Up until that point I had never been into fitness, and the most active I ever got was playing a round of golf.  However, I found that I was intrigued and proud of what she was accomplishing, and decided to ask her what she’d been doing.  Of course she was kind enough to share her program and after that, there was no turning back.  That’s when I really stepped back, took a deep look at myself in the mirror, and thought, “well, I can do it too.”

Once I convinced myself, and was in the right mindset, because lets face it, you have to want it in order to be successful, I began my transformation.  To begin with, I made small changes to my eating habits and also added in 20 minutes of exercise, mostly using my gazelle (and then upgrading to a treadmill). I know that this might not sound like very much, but changes don’t always have to be incredibly drastic and the pounds did start coming off.  Watching that number on the scale go down seemed to motivate me even more, and here I am today!  Of course, my workout habits and lifestyle have definitely changed over the years, and after having worked out with personal trainers for about 3.5 years now, and loving every second of it, I decided that it was time to make a career change.

On some levels it doesn’t really seem like a big change though.  Let me clarify what I mean…..Up until a year ago, I taught 9 years of 6th grade language arts, in the Lake Norman area.  The major idea that drew me into teaching was that I saw the opportunity it provided to work with and motivate others; which is what I absolutely love to do!  I’m definitely what you’d consider a “people person”, and really enjoy striking up conversations with others.  I’m of the mindset that everyone has amazing stories and experiences to share with others, if only one is willing to listen and be understanding.

Now that I’m ACSM certified I feel that I’ve been blessed again and given even more opportunities to influence people’s lives in a positive and beneficial way.  I’m really looking forward to working with many people over the years to come!

Welcome to LKN Training!!!

I’m currently in the process of getting this website up and running, but am very excited for what’s to come.  So, whether or not you’re a client, a potential client, or somebody who just happens to be browsing the internet; I’d like to take a quick minute and say, “thank you for stopping by my webpage.  There will be more to come soon!”