19 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard

Oh my goodness!  It’s difficult to believe that I’m almost to the halfway point in this pregnancy.  I’m going to mention it now, because my post next week will be a little late.  Jeff and I leave for our cruise this upcoming Sunday, and we won’t be home until the following weekend.  It’s exciting because I’ll turn exactly 20 weeks while down in the Caribbean!  Unfortunately I can’t celebrate with a drink.  Oh well.

Weekly Update:


Tend to have a little bump at night, but it’s less noticeable in the mornings.

How far along: 19 weeks

Maternity Clothes:  I did end up buying some maternity clothes this week because I needed a pair of shorts for the cruise, and while I was at it I also purchased a couple of cute tops.  I’m becoming a little sad though that my regular jeans aren’t fitting me as well as they use to, but I know it’s all for a good cause.  They are just mostly getting tight in the thighs.  For some reason that’s where I seem to put on weight first.  I’m still in the stage of just looking larger, and haven’t really popped yet.  Maybe soon.


Missing Anything:  I’m missing comfortably being able to fit into my clothes.  I usually end up trying on tons of different outfits before I go out, and am never fully happy with what I find.  I also miss my usually eating habits.  Those have definitely changed since becoming pregnant.  Oh yeah, I can’t forget being able to do crunches.  I definitely miss those and all my other hard core workouts.

Cravings:  I didn’t really have any strong cravings this week, although Jeff tends to laugh at me a lot.  Mostly because I’ll tell him that I’m so full one minute and don’t even want to think about food and then, no joke, a minute later I’ll literally say, ‘I’m hungry’, or, ‘you know what sounds good?’.

Movement:  I think I might have felt a little something the other day, while I was out running errands.  I didn’t have a chance for lunch and was planning to eat when I got home, but I think Griffin, (that’s what we are naming him) got mad, so he kicked me.  Apparently he wanted food.  I also think I felt him move some when I was relaxing in bed.

Exercise:  Sadly, I have to admit that this has not been my strongest week when it comes to exercise, and I hate being lazy. I’ve only made it to the gym, for my own workouts, a couple of times.  In addition to the gym, I did get in one short 3 mile run, and one long 10 mile run.  I ended up hurting my back some doing my long run though, so I’ve been trying to take it easy to allow recovery time before my 1/2 marathon this Sunday.  I’m happy to report that it’s already feeling better.  I think I just pulled a muscle.  I’ve also walked a little on my treadmill at an incline, but not nearly as much as I normally do.  Hopefully next week I will get back into it more, even though I’ll be on vacation.  Surprisingly I love working out on cruise ships.  One of my favorite things to do is get up super early, when the ship is empty, and run laps outside on the running deck.

Health/Feelings:  At my doctors appointment last Friday my OBGYN told me that everything looked good and that I was right on track with where I needed to be.  I have to be honest though and say I don’t like seeing the number on the scale go up, but I know it will be fun afterwards when I get to watch that number go back down.  It will also be fun because I love a good challenge and pushing myself to my limits.  I can’t wait until I can workout as intensely as I was before I got pregnant.

So my personal goal for next week, even though I’ll be on vacation, is to get in a decent workout every day.  What’s going to be your goal?  I truly believe that it’s important to set goals for yourself and do everything you can to reach those goals.  Helpful Tip: Sometimes writing down your goals, then crossing them off as you accomplish them, is a great form of motivation.


Still no true bump in the mornings, just looking more full figured.

Best of luck to all of you, and even though I won’t see some of you at the gym next week, I will when I get back!


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